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2023–2024 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship


2023–2024 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Canadian government established the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship to attract top doctorate candidates to the nation. The Canadian government’s scholarship programme aims to promote Canada as a hub for top-notch research and education across the globe.

Each winner of the fully funded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship will receive a prize of $50,000 for three years of research effort. Candidates for the VCG scholarship must have top academic standing and strong leadership abilities.


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The enormous contributions made by the Canadian government to education are well recognised. It provides totally and partly financed scholarships each year for undergraduate and graduate study at Canadian institutions to students from within and outside Canada.

Research Vanier Canada Graduate Summary

Canada is the scholarship host nation.

University offering the scholarship: Canadian universities

Sponsor of the scholarship: the Canadian government

Doctoral degree level for scholarships

Type of support for scholarships: fully financed

A $50,000 scholarship programme.

Student eligibility: International students

Number of the scholarship programme: 166

The scholarship application expires in November 2023

Research Fields in Scholarship

research in the natural sciences or engineering

research on health

research in the humanities and social sciences

Criteria for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Eligibility

Candidates must be capable of doing research.

Candidates must have outstanding academic credentials.

Candidates need to have leadership skills.

Guidelines for Scholarship Applications

Before applying for the scholarship grant, interested candidates must be recommended by the universities they want to attend.

Link to the Application: 


For the three years of the research programme, each of the 166 candidates that were chosen would receive $50,000.

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