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5 Frankfurt Universities offering Fully-funded Scholarships


5 Frankfurt Universities offering Fully-funded Scholarships in 2023

Five Frankfurt institutions are now awarding scholarships to deserving students worldwide. The universities provide completely financed scholarships as a part of their assistance to students with outstanding academic records who want to study in Germany and at the esteemed Frankfurt universities.


The five universities in Frankfurt provide undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes. Additionally, they provide almost all academic subjects and have a long tradition of success in the classroom. German and international students attending Frankfurt universities thrive in their academic pursuits.



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One of Germany’s most serene and attractive cities is Frankfurt. International students in Germany to study in other places make it a point to visit Frankfurt before, during, or after their degree programmes because of its unique qualities. To at least have a taste of the fantastic Frankfurt city!


The 5 Frankfurt Universities Scholarships in Brief


Universities in Frankfurt are the venue


Germany is the host nation.


Programmes of Study: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD


Award Type: Fully Supported


International students are candidates.


Type of Funding: Fully Funded


Benefits of Frankfurt Universities Scholarships


1. They pay the tuition costs for chosen students.


2. Selected students can stay for free in their hostels.


3. They provide a monthly allowance to a limited group of students.


4. They use health insurance to safeguard the pupils’ health.


List of the Five Scholarships at Frankfurt Universities


1. Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule)


Frankfurt, Germany’s Städelschule – Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste is a renowned art school. Degree programmes in fine and contemporary arts are available through Städelschule.


Visit this website to learn more:


2. The Frankfurt School of Music and the Arts


The Frankfurt University of Music & Performing Arts is a beautiful choice to pursue a degree in music, opera, acting, dance, or music education.


Visit this website for more information:


3. The third is the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.


Undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics, finance, management, and other related subjects are available from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.


Visit this link for more information:


4. Frankfurt School of Applied Sciences


Students at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences can get skills that will set them apart from their competitors in the job market. The university accepts applications for both undergraduate and graduate programmes.


For additional information, visit


5. Frankfurt Goethe University


Masters scholarships are available to international students from Goethe University Frankfurt. One of the best universities, Goethe, has an intriguing international reputation.


Click here to learn more about scholarships at Goethe University in Frankfurt.




In addition to providing fully paid scholarships to international students, the aforementioned Frankfurt Universities also feature suitable environments for studying.

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