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Australia High Commission Scholarships

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Australia High Commission Scholarships for 2023–2024

Students who want to be on the final list for the current Australia High Commission Scholarships should read this blog post. And given that you are, we assume you also want to be included on the final list. Are we accurate? If so, kudos to you! You’re on the appropriate page.

Australian High Commission The Australian Government, not the schools, provides funding for scholarships in Australia. International students who desire to apply for the scholarships must do so through the Australian Embassy. Scholarships are offered each year.

The Australian government collaborates with renowned universities there. Applications are accepted for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes. Additionally, applicants are not required to pay any money throughout the application procedure to apply for their chosen study subjects.

Summary of Australia High Commission Scholarships

Australia is the scholarship’s host nation.

Australian universities are the scholarship’s host institutions.

Sponsor of the scholarship programme: the Australian Government

applicant for a scholarship: international students

Application deadlines for scholarships vary.

10 Universities that Qualify for Australia’s High Commission Scholarships

Scholarships for Flinders University

For the academic year 2023–2024, this scholarship programme is intended to support the study of excellent overseas students who aspire to pursue a Higher Degree by Research at Flinders University.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

2. Scholarship Programme at the University of Technology Sydney

All academic programmes and courses are available at the University of Technology Sydney. Additionally, all courses and programmes are covered by the scholarships.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

3. Scholarships offered by the University of South Australia

Students can apply for this scholarship programme if they want to study in Masters and PhD programmes.   The University is prepared to award 300 scholarships to the top candidates.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

4. International Scholarship Programme at Griffith University

By July 1, 2023, the application portal is expected to be open. Applications are accepted from international students who intend to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. They must, however, fulfil the requirements for application.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

Programme for Australian National University Scholarships 5.

Due to its full funding, this scholarship programme may be competitive. But it’s worthwhile. It pays for all chosen students’ educational costs, including housing.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

6. Scholarships at Deakin University

The shortlist for this scholarship programme will comprise no less than 350 applicants. The award is only available to those who have excelled in their academics.

See for additional details about the scholarship.

7. Scholarships offered by Monash University

One of the universities in Australia that provides the most scholarships to international students is Monash University. Monash has maintained this accomplishment this year by offering over 700 scholarships to deserving candidates.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

8. Scholarships offered by the University of Melbourne

With its scholarships, the University of Melbourne enjoys helping international students succeed. It is prepared to award 600 scholarships this year to the top candidates and international students.

Go to for additional details on the scholarship.

9. Scholarships offered by Macquarie University

One of the top scholarship opportunities available to applicants seeking direct entry into the Master of Research and Doctoral studies is this one.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

10. Scholarships offered by the University of Tasmania

For outstanding students pursuing Master’s and PhD degrees, this fully supported scholarship opportunity is available.

Visit for more details about the scholarship.

Benefits of the Australia High Commission Scholarships

They are wholly supported, provide housing, health insurance, and give monthly stipends to students.

Criteria for Australia High Commission Scholarships

The following requirements must be met by applicants: they must be international students; they must not have any criminal convictions; they must have stellar academic records; they must satisfy all eligibility requirements; and they must be in sound bodily and mental health.


Australia High Commission scholarships above are available to deserving and ambitious international students, and most applications are still being accepted.


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