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20 Best Jobs in Germany

Best Jobs in Germany: Are you thinking of moving to Germany for a favourable job? In this article, find out the best jobs in Germany.

Germany is one of the most sought-after countries and is one of the best places to work. This country is located in the heart of Europe with a good standard of living, a standard company, and quality jobs with reasonable remuneration.

If you are considering working in Germany and earning a considerable amount from the best jobs in Germany, you should be shrouded with the right qualifications, abilities and skills. 

This article will highlight the 20 best jobs in Germany, including vital information you need considering the jobs. 

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Best Jobs in Germany
Best Jobs in Germany

Regional manager

A regional manager in Germany earns an annual salary of €68,200 (£57,700 / $78,950) on average. The regional manager takes charge of the business unit in a region across different industries. As a regional manager, you need to equip yourself with a wide array of skills, including everything that has to do with operational or technical expertise and human resources or accounting knowledge. 

SAP HR consultant

SAP HR consultants are professionals in SAP payroll and productivity tools. They utilise their knowledge in bigger organisations. Their annual pay is €68,900 (£58,280 / $79,760) on average. 

Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager earns an annual salary of €80,200 (£67,840 / $92,850) on average. They are saddled with the responsibility of advising and carrying out investment interventions for individuals or organisations. Portfolio managers carefully invest significant amounts of money and get their compensation accordingly. To be in this role, you must equip yourself with financial markets and transactions knowledge, including relationship management and networking skills. 

Programme Manager

A programme manager earns an annual salary of €80,000 (£67,670 / $92,620). They are senior leaders when it comes to project management. They bring together different projects and develop strategies that will improve the organisation’s performance. They are supposed to be organised people capable of handling different workstreams together.


lawyer earns €80,000 (£67,670 / $92,620) annually on average. Lawyers will represent clients in legal agreements, courts, and tribunals, and they are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the law and case law. 

They are highly valued since they need in-depth legal knowledge and the ability to communicate this to juries or create strong arguments to win a case. It is an incredibly complicated profession.

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Software Architect 

A software Architect earns €79,000 (£66,830 / $91,460) annually on average. The development of software that influences a company’s complete line of goods and services is led by software architects. They supervise programmers and coders. Thus they also need to be excellent leaders and project managers with top-notch technical abilities. 

High-credibility software architects who know many programming languages are significant to an organisation.

Legal Consultant

A legal consultant earns €77,100 (£65,230 / $89,270) annually on average. Legal consultants are different from lawyers. They serve as advisors to an individual or group of people. Legal consultants must have a thorough knowledge of the legal systems in a given business, field of law, or country, even though they cannot represent clients in a court of law. 

Risk Manager

A risk manager earns €76,500 (£64,720 / $88,580) on average annually. It is one of the best jobs in Germany. Identifying and managing risks to an organisation’s capital or investments is the responsibility of risk managers, who are extremely meticulous and analytical individuals. These dangers may be internal or external to a company. 

Channel Manager

Channel manager is one of the best jobs in Germany, and the annual salary is €75,600 (£63,960 / $87,540) on average. Channel managers are best characterised as facilitators of the sales process. They are most frequently employed in the media or travel industries (but are also found in many other sectors). They use marketing strategies and relationship-building tools to ensure that a company’s product or service reaches the best (or biggest) consumer base possible. 


A pilot earns €75,300 (£63,700 / $87,190) annually on average. It is one of the best jobs in Germany. Many airlines have bases or hubs in Germany, notably Lufthansa, which is frequently regarded as one of the top airlines in the world. 

Pilots advance from first officers to captains and train captains as they accrue flight hours. They typically begin by taking short-haul flights, but many take long-haul trips with foreign airlines. This position will let you travel the globe after extensive training and comprehension of the complexities and focus needed for this fascinating work.

Business managers

Business managers earn an annual salary of €75,100 (£63,530 / $86,960) on average. Business managers have a wide range of responsibilities because they oversee all areas of a company’s operations, from personnel matters to accounting procedures to sales activities and everything in between. 

Although business managers in larger organisations are rarely hands-on in these areas, they are nonetheless required to have leadership skills to bring everything together.

Pre-sale Manager

Pre-sale managers earn a salary of €74,500 (£63,020 / $86,260) annually on average. Pre-sales managers set the stage for a successful and efficient sales team. Assisting the marketing and production teams in preparing for the sales process, they could troubleshoot or improve products, prepare pitches and presentations to display the product, make demonstrations, design and explain technical specs, and create demonstrations.

Service delivery Manager

A service delivery manager earns €74,200 (£62,770 / $85,910) annually on average. Service delivery managers provide a broad function that varies greatly from organisation to organisation, developing programs and processes to provide a high quality of service in response to the demands and objectives of the business. 

Service delivery managers must strike the right balance between customer happiness and cost-effectiveness to engage effectively with clients and provide leadership.

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EHS Manager 

Annually an EHS manager earns 73,100 (£61,830 / $84,630). Establishing, training, and maintaining safe working practices is a key responsibility of environmental health and safety managers in the business world. Managers of EHS may also be responsible for safeguarding the environment from risks to people. 

As a result, the position entails tremendous responsibility and requires a thorough knowledge of German health and safety rules.

Production Engineer 

A production engineer earns €72,200 (£61,070 / $83,590) annually on average. Production engineers design methods for producing everything and everything, from soft drinks to automobiles. Efficiency and productivity are just as important to the job as technical expertise. 

The industrial sector in Germany is one of the biggest in Europe and is renowned for its efficiency and high standards. Production engineers are therefore held in the highest esteem.


Actuary earns €72,000 (£60,900 / $83,360) on average annually. Actuaries are tasked with measuring and analysing risk; they frequently collaborate with insurance brokers, banks, and pension funds. In Germany, actuaries are in high demand. 

Key account manager

A key account manager earns €70,300 (£59,460 / $81,390) annually on average. Key account managers work as important and senior members of a company’s sales team. They are entrusted with total control over one or more of the company’s most crucial clients (accounts). They are in charge of maintaining a positive rapport and nurturing the client in light of long-term strategic objectives.


A target earns an annual salary of €69,500 (£58,790 / $80,460) on average. Through a company, financial traders buy and sell financial instruments, including stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities, on behalf of the assets under their company’s ownership. Reviewing analyst reports and selecting what to trade in and when is a significant portion of the job. 

A crucial component of the work is managing the pressure of handling such significant deals.

Corporate development speaker 

A corporate development speaker earns €69,100 (£58,450 / $79,990) on average. Presentations and seminars on a range of subjects, from leadership to sales techniques, are given by corporate development speakers to small and big audiences. 

You need to have significant professional experience and credibility, as well as a natural charisma and excellent public speaking abilities, to become a corporate development speaker.

Tax Advisor

A tax advisor earns €68,900 (£58,280 / $79,760) annually on average. As the only position in the financial sector permitted to submit tax forms and declarations on behalf of both individuals and corporations, being a tax advisor in Germany entails great responsibility. They are also in charge of contacting the tax office and certifying specific paperwork.

Best Jobs in Germany

Final thought on the best jobs in Germany

Listed are the best jobs in Germany. There are different jobs in Germany, and there are a lot of high-paying jobs in different industries. Moving to Germany to work is one of the best decisions to make. Germany has standard and quality jobs with good salaries. Germany’s work culture is accommodating, and the environment is welcoming. Take your time to read through the lines, and you will surely find one of the best jobs that suit you.

Best jobs in Germany: FAQs 

What are the best in-demand jobs in Germany?

Electronics Engineer

Civil engineer/architect

IT professionals 

Mechanical Engineer

Business analyst/account manager

What kind of job is easy to get in Germany?

Finding manufacturing and engineering jobs in Germany is easy. The nation offers many chances in various disciplines and has a robust economy. Germany is a wonderful spot to start your engineering or manufacturing career because German businesses are known for producing high-quality goods.

What are the highly demanded skills in Germany? reports that the following positions will be in great demand in 2022: programmers, architects, and software developers. Electricians, electrical fitters, and electronic engineers.

Do foreigners get hired by German companies? 

Since Germany has the fifth-biggest economy in the world and the largest economy in Europe, there are numerous opportunities for foreigners with specialised talents to work there. However, it is also quite simple to find casual employment.

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