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Globalink Research Internship


Globalink Research Internship 2024/2025

Do you have citizenship in any of the following countries: Brazil, Australia, Chile, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, the United States, or the United Kingdom? You may apply for the Globalink Research Internship in Canada if you are a citizen of one of these nations.

The Internship is given out each year, and it is highly competitive. Every academic year, thousands of students from the above nations submit applications for the programme that changes lives. Canadian university faculty members would take on the interns, and the Internship would last 12 weeks.

The chosen candidates will be closely monitored in academic disciplines ranging from the arts and social sciences to physics, engineering, and mathematics. Up to 70 top universities in Canada will teach the interns. The application portal is open to qualified students from the relevant nations interested in applying.


Programme for Globalink Research Internship Summary

The host country for internships: Canada

Sponsor of the internship programme: Mitacs

Host institutions for internships are Canadian universities.

Type of support for internships: full funding

Degrees required for internships: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD

September 21, 2023 is the deadline for internship applications.

The Internship Program’s Advantages

The internship covers the selected students’ whole educational expense, which is completely sponsored.

Programmes that qualify

• Technology

• Scientific

• Mathematical

• Social sciences and humanities

Requested Documents from Applicants

authentic certificate

first transcript


Recommendation letter

Health Certification

Certificate of English Language Proficiency

Declaration of Interest

Eligibility Requirements

• You have to be of legal age.

• Your physical participation in the 12-week Internship in Canada must be willing.

• A valid passport is required.

• Your official transcript from your university, whether in English or French, must be present.

• At least one letter of recommendation from a professor or research supervisor is required.

• A Curriculum Vitae detailing your research experience is required.

• In addition to the requirements listed above, you must also meet them.

Application Methods

• Please apply using the link below.

• Upload the files above.

• Fill out your application and submit it.

Apply Here:


The programme is fully sponsored and pays for all chosen students’ academic expenses. Additionally, it provides stipends to the interns each month throughout the programme.


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