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Ireland Fellows Programme for Africa


Ireland Fellows Programme for Africa 2024/2025

For African students with leadership potential who want to complete their degrees at top Irish universities in the 2024–2025 academic year, the Ireland Fellows Programme — Africa is welcome news.




One of the most fantastic schemes for paying for education for African students is the Ireland Fellows Programme — Africa. The entirely financed scholarship initiative pays for all necessary educational costs, including tuition, housing, textbooks, etc.


Outstanding students from Zimbabwe and Lesotho can apply for this scholarship scheme as African students. However, the students must have earned their undergraduate degrees from reputable institutions.


The Africa branch of the Ireland Fellows Programme is sponsored by the Canon Collins Trust. With its scholarship programmes, the Canon Collins Trust seeks to assist mid-career professionals from Lesotho and Zimbabwe with leadership potential in pursuing a Master’s degree in Ireland.


Ireland Fellows Programme Research Summary


Sponsor of the scholarship programme: Canon Collins Trust


Universities in Ireland are the host institutions for scholarships.


Type of support for the scholarship programme: fully financed


Not given, scholarship scheme number


Scholarly activity degree level: master’s


African students are eligible for the scholarship initiative.


Deadline for the scholarship programme: July 31, 2021


Ireland Fellows Programme Scholarship Advantages


It pays for the flights of selected candidates.

It pays the tuition for selected candidates.

It includes the moving-in, book, and study allowance for chosen candidates.

It takes care of the accommodations for chosen candidates.

It provides a living allowance and other benefits to selected candidates.


Criteria for Ireland Fellows Programme Scholarship Eligibility


The candidate must be a citizen of Zimbabwe or Lesotho.


A minimum of two or three years of experience in the applicant’s selected curriculum is required.


The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.


The candidate must not have a master’s degree. He cannot attend any institution to get a Master’s degree.


The candidate must be looking to pursue a Master’s degree in an Irish institution of higher learning.


Deadline for Scholarship Applications


Interested students may apply for the scholarship scheme via the link below.


Apply Here: 





Only citizens of Zimbabwe and Lesotho may apply for the scholarship programme. Students interested in applying are urged to do so before the deadline.


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