Apply for Best Agriculture jobs in Canada with a visa sponsorship in 2023

Hello! Have you heard the good news about agriculture jobs in Canada that also sponsor visas? Are you ready for this? Then let’s go! The agriculture industry in Canada is the largest and most dynamic in the country.

Therefore, if you’re interested in agriculture jobs in Canada, the Canadian government can sponsor your visa application.

Agriculture Jobs in Canada include harvesting and processing various fruits and vegetables as well as picking and packing various crops, vegetables, berries, apples, and nuts.

If you need a job in Canada and you want a visa, look no further than the agriculture industry. The agriculture jobs in Canada are unlimited.

There will be assistance in obtaining visas and relocating. The lack of a university degree is a plus in this field.

Furthermore, becoming a farmer in Canada is a good idea because of the lucrative job market.

It’s in high demand, so you shouldn’t have any trouble securing a job in your area of expertise.

This job has a potential annual salary of $29,256, or $15.20-$20.50 per hour. Transportation and lodging expenses are included.

The options above are just the tip of what’s on offer. The government of Canada has declared that there are 1,000,000 job openings across the country in ALL sectors and that 269,000 of those openings are in the agricultural industry alone.

Below you’ll find a list of Agriculture Jobs in Canada that will sponsor your visa for the year 2023.

Agriculture Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship in 2023

Think about it. A total of 2,4 million new employments will be generated by the Canadian economy.

High demand has led to a severe labor shortage, and current workers are expected to retire soon, making the situation much worse.

That’s why they want to hear from motivated job-seekers who are new to the market.

As a result, there is a critical shortage of employees on Canadian farms. Many Canadians are unwilling to labor on farms.

However, for many years, Canadian farmers have hired temporary employees from other countries. In the year 2019 before the arrival of Covid, about 55,000 temporary foreign laborers were engaged in Canadian agriculture.

Agriculture jobs in Canada

Details on agriculture jobs in Canada

  • Job Location: Canada
  • Agriculture is the industry.
  • Job Category: Farm Workers, Fruit Pickers, Farm Workers, General Farm Workers, Crops, Vegetable Pickers, Blueberries, Apple Pickers, Gardeners, and so on.
  • No prior experience is required.
  • Knowledge Required: Not Extensive
  • There is no age limit.
  • Visa sponsorship is available.
  • Yes, relocation assistance is available.
  • Salary: $15-20 per hour

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In 2021, the entire agricultural and Agri-food sector was able to:

2.1 million people were employed.

Provided one out of every nine jobs in Canada

Generated $134.9 billion (about 6.8% of Canada’s GDP) (GDP)

Outline of agriculture jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship

Some of the most popular and important Agriculture Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship are:

  1. Jobs for Farm Workers in Canada

Canada is currently hiring farm workers for the year 2023. This is the job with the least amount of work and the most demand. Second, Farmworkers don’t need any special training or schooling to do their jobs. No age limit.

In Canada, if you work on a farm as a General Farm Worker, you are expected to plant, grow, and harvest crops, take care of animals and birds, and keep and fix farm equipment and buildings.

Job Responsibilities

The following jobs will be given to farm workers:

  • Plant, fertilize, till, spray, water, and pick crops.
  • Feed and care for animals and birds.
  • Milk cows
  • Fruit tree pruner
  • Fruit pickers
  • Fruit packer
  • Fruit farm laborers
Place of jobs No of available jobs Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Alberta 38 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in New Brunswick 159 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador 7 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Manitoba 25 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in New Brunswick 10 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Prince Edward Island 10 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Québec 177 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Saskatchewan 31 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 697 Apply here
Farm Worker Jobs in Nova Scotia 18 Apply here

  1. Work as a Fruit Picker in Canada

No job in Canada is easier or better than this one. Jobs for International Students in Canada as a Fruit Picker. The name “Fruit Picker” gives away the meaning.

Fruits and vegetables from farms and orchards are your responsibility.

It’s the equivalent of having to go to a farm and pick your fruit, vegetables, and so on. After that, we’ll gather them all in one spot and begin the packing procedure.

Canada’s fruit-picking industry is in dire need of workers.

Different Kinds of Fruit-Picking Jobs

  • Apples


  • Grapes


  • Plums


  • Peaches


  • Prunes


  • Cherries


  • Strawberries


  • Raspberry, and a lot more besides.




  • Places to stay will be secured.


  • Transportation and other Relocation Expenses


  • Medical insurance for three months if needed.

To learn more about Canada’s visa sponsorship program, visit

Agriculture jobs in Canada

  1. Fruit Picking Jobs in BC

If you go on sites like the one run by the BC Cherry Association, you can discover a lot of postings for picking cherries in the province of British Columbia.

Send an email to the BC Fruit Grower Association with your resume attached, and they will put you in touch with employers looking to hire people to pick fruit in the province of British Columbia.


  • Carcajou – They have a campground where you can stay (with small chargers).



  1. Picking Fruit in Ontario, Canada:

Due to its status as Canada’s primary apple-growing region, Ontario will provide the vast majority of the country’s apple pickers with employment opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is no public transit to McLean and Buckhorn Berry Farm, so visitors will need to arrange for their means of getting there.





  1. Dairy Former Jobs in Canada

Cows, milking, and the creation of dairy products like cheese and yogurt are all part of a dairy farmer’s daily routine.

They need to be well-versed in agronomy, crop management, and the ins and outs of raising dairy cattle. On average, a dairy farmer may count on making $76,000 yearly.

more details can be found here

  1. Horticulture Jobs in Canada

Care for plants in parks, gardens, and other public areas are under the purview of horticulture. Gardening expertise is preferred, and a degree in horticulture is required.

They need to be self-motivated and capable of handling many of the responsibilities linked to plant maintenance. Horticulturists often make between $35,000 and $40,000 annually.

  1. General Farm Workers and Agriculture Jobs

Presently, this industry is hiring to fill 1793 available positions. The Canadian economy relies heavily upon the industry. I’ve gone ahead and chosen a filter for you to use.

The available positions for foreign applicants will be outlined.

Click Here for More Details.

  1. Work at Canada’s P&H Farming Company

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a leading agricultural company in Canada that is owned by a family. They’re staffed by more than 1,500 people. According to the Government of Canada, 2.1 million Canadians are employed in the agriculture industry.

Sign up for P&H Farming Jobs, and then check the box that reads “Yes, you need Visa Sponsorship to work in Canada” on the application.

There is a plethora of job opportunities available in a wide variety of industries. Employment opportunities are always available.

How to Get a Job with P&H Farming in Canada?

Please see for a list of current openings.

Assuming any positions become available, then. The request for Visa Sponsorship will be made in the sidebar. Thus, choose the affirmative.

  1. Aramark food job in Canada

Aramark provides customer service in the areas of food, facilities, and uniforms in places such as places of employment, schools, hospitals, and recreation.

There are currently 270,000 people working for it. They do not have any age, gender, sexual orientation, racial, or religion-based biases.

Aramark welcomes applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of nationality.

See This Link for Further Details.

Find Canadian Farm Worker Jobs Here!

Canada’s agricultural sector is highly accessible, with a wide variety of job opportunities available.

If you click on any of the aforementioned links, you will be sent directly to the Agriculture Jobs in Canada page.

Google and LinkedIn are two other resources for anyone looking for work in Canada that will sponsor their visa.




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