Top 10 Best jobs in Canada

Best jobs in Canada: The hardest decision any of us will have to make is choosing the right job path.

While your skills and hobbies are the most important considerations, it can be helpful to have some idea of which job titles are the most promising statistically.

The COVID-19 epidemic caused significant shifts in the labor economy. The rise of remote and hybrid employment, for instance, is a trend that will soon affect the labor market.

In addition, as a result of changes in both consumer and company expectations, it is necessary to retrain or retrain a portion of the current labor force.

But the best jobs in Canada in 2022 aren’t entirely due to the effects of the epidemic. According to the research, “skills shortages were rising even before 2020,” and COVID-19 will simply make things worse.

Let’s take a look at a few of the fields where hiring is expected to pick up after COVID-19.

I’ve included a comprehensive analysis of the highest-paying and best jobs in Canada in 2022.

List of best jobs in Canada

key account manager

Maintaining a strong team of key account managers is essential to any company’s long-term success. Businesses may keep their most valuable customers thanks to their sales and customer service staff’s skills in closing deals, building connections, and providing excellent service.


The demand for developers to build app solutions, design and maintain in-house software, and assist with the implementation of cloud and other technologies has made it one of the best jobs In Canada.

A key takeaway from COVID-19 was the power that technology has on the success or failure of a company.

Best jobs in Canada

Marketing Manager

By 2028, the research claims that Canada will have produced over 19,000 new employment for managers in marketing, PR, and advertising. Due to the importance of making wise use of marketing resources, demand is high.

Registered nurse

Medical professionals in general are in high demand. Nurses have one of the most secure careers, but that’s not the only reason they’re one of the Best jobs in Canada in 2022.

However, in this profession, nurses can expect to receive generous compensation and a wide range of perks. Randstad reports that the average wage for a registered nurse is $38.14 per hour, and that number doesn’t account for benefits.


Driver roles are competitive in the employment market right now, according to Randstad. This encompasses a wide range of jobs. You can discover a job that suits your skill set, whether it be the ability to handle huge commercial vehicles or the attention to detail necessary for small deliveries.

Customer service professional

(CSR): Many companies have learned in recent years the value of top-notch CSRs. Customers need to know that they can get in touch with a helpful person when they have questions or concerns. Employers are on the lookout for those who can excel in customer service via electronic means (email, chat, or the phone).


More than 23,000 welding jobs will become available in Canada by 2028, according to the government. Opportunities for skilled welders are widespread across the country in Canada.


As a result of the necessity to construct and maintain physical structures, engineers are in high demand across many industries. Employers are increasingly looking abroad for engineering talent as the demand for skilled workers outstrips the supply.


Companies cannot afford financial missteps in this climate of tightening margins and rising regulatory scrutiny across industries.

There has been an uptick in the utilization of both permanent and temporary accounting staff. Experienced accountants and certified public accountants (CPAs) can look forward to career opportunities in many different parts of the country and possible job development in the years to come.

Best jobs in Canada

Cloud Architect

There is a huge chance to work remotely, and many Canadian businesses have announced plans to implement hybrid strategies soon.

When you factor together the requirement to ensure business continuity alongside the cloud’s inherent cost savings and ease of use, it’s easy to see why so many companies are making the switch.

How to find the best jobs in Canada

How can I find the best jobs in Canada? All well, you raise a good point. But the solution isn’t as simple as it may seem. I will, however, make an effort to explain this and move on.

You need to know if you can work in Canada before you look for a job there. People from the following groups can work in Canada:

  1. You can work anywhere in Canada and at any job if you are a Canadian citizen. You can’t, of course, break the law. 

    2. Permanent residents in Canada: You can work and live anywhere in Canada, just like a Canadian citizen. But you could lose the place where you live permanently. You could lose your right to work because of this. 

   3. Open work-permit holders: You can work in Canada as long as you follow the rules on your work permit.

  4. Those with study permits: You could work in Canada as long as you met certain rules. For example, you go to college full-time and have a valid study permit.

You should enroll in an Approved College or University if you want to acquire a certificate, diploma, or degree upon completion of your studies.

You are limited to 20 hours per week. But you can work full-time during regular school breaks if you want to. 

   5. Temporary residents who are allowed to work under R186: There are some public speakers, performers, and athletes who fit this description.

Find a job in Canada once you have permission to do so.

You can get the best jobs in Canada if you fall into one of the categories of people allowed to work there by taking any of the following steps.

Networking means that you know someone who could tell an employer about you.

Cold calling is a strategy that I think every job seeker should use. In Canada, cold-calling employers are the only way to find a job. You have to call or go see them in person.

Check out the websites of employers: Employers have to spend time and money on recruiting. Therefore, to reduce overhead, businesses advertise available positions on their websites.

This means that you should keep an eye on the websites of companies you’re interested in working for and apply as soon as a suitable position becomes available if you know these companies.

Some employers have a hard time finding the right people to hire. Because of this, they frequently seek the assistance of recruitment agencies. So, if you have special skills that agencies are looking for, don’t pass up the chance. Get in touch with them and ask if they’ll add you to their database.

Keep in mind, though, that a recruitment agency can’t charge you for finding a job. Their pay comes straight from the employer.

Job boards/search engines: Canada has a plethora of these. This is not the best way to look for work in Canada. Some of my employees, on the other hand, were hired by me after they sent their resumes to our company through a job search website.

Still, please read the article I wrote about this subject. Luckily, the article has a long list of Canada’s most popular job boards.

Can I work in Canada even if I don’t have a work visa?

Every year, Canadian firms hire thousands of overseas workers. In 2019, for instance, 405,107 non-citizens were granted employment visas.

Since most work permits are good for two years, we can guess that there are about 800,000 foreign workers in Canada. The second is a wild guess, though.

However, the message it conveys is that there is an opportunity for foreign workers to obtain employment in Canada. To temper, your enthusiasm, know that many of these employees fall into the following categories:

The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) isn’t available to everyone.

Some individuals are likely to find the best job in Canada based on their status as refugees, protected persons, H&C applicants, or TRP holders.

PGWP is a way for international students who have just graduated to get work permits.

If you want your spouse to sponsor you from inside the country, you might be able to get a fully accessible work permit.

Some Canadians, like those in the Canadian Experience Class or who work as caregivers, can get a bridging open work permit.

International agreements like CUSMA and CETA have led to some work permits.

Best jobs in Canada

If you create jobs, you could get a work permit.

As you can see, if you don’t qualify for any of these programs, you have less to choose from. You could still get the best jobs in Canada, though.

The ways to look for work are, of course, the same as for people who are allowed to work. You should still be physically located in Canada, as this will aid the process.

Get hired in Canada, yet spend most of your time working abroad.

In 2020, working from home became increasingly common in Canada. It’s no secret that the pandemic cut down on time spent in the office.

Since this was the case, several companies that provided white-collar positions required their workers to do their duties remotely. Nevertheless, most businesses had serious doubts, though, they discovered that their employers’ output didn’t suffer.

Interestingly, they’ve already begun to save money by shrinking the size of their office.

Who needs to hire Canadians if everyone can work remotely? Some of the advantages of employing individuals from outside of Canada are as follows:

  • Reduced mandated regulations
  • Lower salaries
  • Maintaining continuous business operations
  • Saving money by cutting back on benefits
  • To avoid the trouble of obtaining an LMIA or a work permit

Of course, there may be certain drawbacks, such as time zone discrepancies and security breaches. Regardless, I anticipate a significant increase in the number of foreign nationals hired by Canadian businesses.


But they won’t be able to get work permits or immigrate to Canada.

As a result, this strategy may help you secure a job in Canada while allowing you to remain in your current location permanently.

Easiest jobs with high salaries in Canada?

Radiologic Technologist

It’s true that making a profession as a medical x-ray tech calls for a unique set of abilities, familiarity with the human body, and a dedication to following strict safety standards.

Many radiologic technologists, however, find their jobs to be reasonably easy and fulfilling once they have acquired the necessary training and experience. Some professionals in this area also have the exciting opportunity to operate cutting-edge diagnostic tools like CT and MRI scanners.

Annual salary averages $74,880.
Maximum annual salary: $93,600

Cardiology Technologist

If you’re looking for a job in the healthcare industry, this one is likely the least difficult option. Although it does necessitate some medical expertise, it is not as taxing or time-consuming as other methods. A lot of cardiology technologists find it rewarding to use equipment that records and monitors patients’ cardiac activity.

Annual salary averages $64,480
Maximum annual salary: $78,000 and up

A Medical Laboratory Technologist

Some people find jobs to be simple because they follow a set pattern. Medical laboratory technicians’ days are typically rather regular, consisting of the same sorts of tests performed on blood, urine, or tissue samples in sterile environments.

A typical salary is $72,800 per year.
Income ceiling: over $92,581

Massage Therapist

Would you rather keep moving throughout the day than sit at a desk? To channel your physical vitality into the service of others by becoming a massage therapist is a noble calling.

With the right education and experience, massage therapy may become a pleasurable and financially rewarding profession.

Annual Mean Income: $60,008
Earnings above $106,080 per year are considered elite.


If you’re looking for a retail job, this is likely one of the less stressful possibilities to consider. The compensation is usually satisfactory as well. You can assist customers in making informed decisions about frames and lenses for prescription eyewear with only minimal education and training.

As an added service, you can help customers find the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses and see to it that they are manufactured on time and to the exacting standards you set.

annual salary average of $52,000
Maximum annual salary: $68,120 and up

A Medical Transcriptionist

What about a career that you could do from the comfort of your own home? Independent medical transcriptionists are in high demand by medical facilities, insurance companies, and insurance companies, as they translate verbal reports into a written form from audio recordings.

Having a thorough understanding of medical and pharmaceutical language is essential, but if you’re also a good listener and a rapid writer, this job might be a breeze.

Annual Mean Income = $48,298
The maximum annual salary of $69,181


You undoubtedly already know that electricians need to possess a great deal of skill. Not only does one need the ability to do fundamental arithmetic and physics, but one must also be patient, willing to obey laws, and put safety first.

You shouldn’t allow the prerequisites to stop you from entering what many electricians describe as a stress-free profession. Learning the ins and outs of the electrical trade can pave the way to a rewarding and challenging professional life.

Annual salary averages $62,400
Maximum annual salary: $89,648 and up

Expert in Drafting

Learning the fundamentals of CAD (or CADD) software doesn’t take long at all. It simplifies the process of creating technical drawings for A/E/I designers as your proficiency grows in utilizing the software. Gaining some practical experience could make the process much simpler in the long run.

Annual salary average: $59,072
The highest possible salary is at least $88,525


Once the basics are mastered, welding can feel like second nature more so than any other vocation. There are indeed some forms of welding that are more challenging to master than others.

However, if you like working with your hands and seeing immediate results, being a metal welder is a great choice.

Furthermore, due to a lack of qualified personnel, welding opportunities may be quite easy to secure between 2017 and 2026. Within that time frame, over 24,000 additional job opportunities in Canada are predicted to open up.

Yearly salary averages $53,040 on average.
Average salary: $85,488 and up

The driver of a Long-Haul Truck

Certain people aren’t cut out to be commercial truck drivers. It’s a unique way of life that calls for an appreciation of freedom, time alone, and travel.

Those seeking a job with a lot of leeway and travel possibilities should give this one serious consideration.

Also, if you have a CDL and a spotless driving record, this is one of the more accessible professions. Since there is expected to be a demand for competent drivers in Canada, an estimated 114,700 new positions will open up between 2017 and 2026.

Annual salary averages $47,840.
The pay scale’s upper end is at least $68,806.

In-demand jobs in Canada?

IT and Help Desk Professionals

Experts in information technology (IT) offer guidance and assistance to all office computer users.

Specialists in information technology are in higher demand than ever during this pandemic due to the increasing number of remote workers who use their computers.

Pan makes an excellent point that businesses cannot afford for their staff to waste time or lose potential business by not being as effective from home during Zoom meetings.

Furthermore, Pan does not anticipate a decline in demand for this occupational niche in the wake of the epidemic. She foresees that those increasingly opting to work from home will do so.

In Canada, IT and help desk specialists earn a median annual salary of $49.525.

Administrative Assistants

When supervisors and managers require assistance with tasks and employee management, they typically turn to administrative assistants for assistance.

Like IT professionals, their demand has increased as a result of the epidemic.

To allow employees to work remotely and arrange for meetings, businesses require human resources, as Pan explains.

There is room for advancement in this position as well. The need for administrative assistance will continue to rise even after the pandemic has ended.

Administrative assistants in Canada, earn $55,054 annually.

Cybersecurity Experts

Information stored on computers, cloud servers, mobile devices, and financial processing apps is all under the watchful eye of cyber security experts.

They assess the situation, make educated guesses about potential trouble spots, and come up with plans to keep sensitive information safe.

Pan argues that as the number of remote workers grows, so too will the need for online dissemination of information ranging from rosters to meeting notes. There is widespread anxiety about safety.

Job growth will likely increase rapidly following the epidemic as more people choose to work from home.

Cyber security experts in Canada earn an average annual salary of $87,728.

Web Developers

Customers’ shift to internet shopping may have been prompted by the pandemic, but Pan believes it will continue even after the epidemic is over.

Therefore, businesses require web developers to make accessible and functional websites and other digital products for usage by individuals and businesses of all stripes.

In Canada, a web developer can expect an average annual salary of $67,432.

Designers of Mobile Apps

Once again, this is linked to the rise of e-commerce. Someone, after all, needs to develop mobile-friendly software for the people who are constantly on the move yet who have turned to online shopping as a result of the pandemic and who will likely keep doing so after it has passed.

Mobile app developers in Canada can expect to earn a median annual salary of $76,632.

Best city to get a job in Canada?

According to the research, Brantford, Ontario is the best city in Canada for foreign workers to settle in and look for a job. Though relatively tiny, the city is making strides in attracting and retaining the best and brightest from the rest of the country.

How much do you need to settle in Canada?

That depends on your intended province or territory of residence in Canada and the specific Canadian Immigration program you end up selecting.

It will cost you about $12,960 (CAD) to settle in Canada on your alone, while a family of four may need as much as $24,083 (CAD) (CAD). Expenses like flights, visas, and food are not included in this estimate.

Cheapest place to live in Canada

At last, we return to French Canada and the province’s capital, Quebec City. Monthly living expenses in Quebec City are expected to be roughly CAD 1,600, making it one of the most inexpensive of Canada’s 15 biggest cities.

How to choose a career in Canada

Take the following steps to start picking a career:

  • Evaluate yourself.
  • Identify your must-haves.
  • Write down jobs to look into.
  • Look into jobs and companies.
  • If you need to, get training and keep your resume up to date.
  • Find jobs and put in for them.
  • Keep getting better and smarter.

Depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into exploring your options, deciding on a profession could take months or even years. It’s important to remember that you may be able to change your path more than once in your life. Being able to choose a new career is a valuable skill for life.


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