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We’re back. I suppose that you’re not familiar with Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023. Reports indicate that many Netherlands businesses now offer visa sponsorship to foreign job seekers.

However, this article will provide you with a comprehensive list of companies in the Netherlands that can sponsor your work visa, along with concrete examples of such sponsorship and contact information.

Learn where to look for employment that will sponsor your visa application by reading the whole article. I wish you the best of luck.

So many inquiries pertained to jobs in the Netherlands. As a result, I’ve chosen to write a comprehensive piece demonstrating that there are indeed Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, I have gone over all of the Dutch businesses that can act as visa sponsors for you. They are called “Licensed sponsors” because they are authorized to grant visas to people who are not Netherland citizens.

Specifics on Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

The Country: Netherland

International applicants are welcome (Foreigners)

Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Recruitment on LinkedIn (Visa Sponsorship)

Ok, so hundreds of Visa Sponsorship Jobs are posted on LinkedIn. One of the insider tips I’m offering you is that numerous jobs in the Netherlands will sponsor your visa.

Let us show you, the steps involve in how to use LinkedIn to locate a Netherlands employer willing to sponsor your work visa.

Launch LinkedIn on your computer. If you want to read and find it more easily, you should use a desktop computer instead of a mobile device.

Step 2,  pick Employment.

To find visa sponsorship positions, start by clicking Jobs, narrowing your location to the Netherlands, then typing “Visa Sponsorship” into the search bar.

It will display a list of all available jobs in the Netherlands that offer visa sponsorship. Then click on each sorted Job to see if it offers Visa Sponsorship.

By doing so, you can search all LinkedIn job postings that meet your specific criteria.

Organizations that can provide Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Orange Quarter

Orange Quarter currently has 351, active job openings. You’ll find Orange Sq. By focusing on a single subset of technology, each of our consultants can acquire an in-depth understanding of their field and a specialized, powerful network. Choose the Netherlands as your location.

Read on for details: Come Look for Work Here


Currently, they are actively seeking a large pool of candidates. Virtually every job posting on Stafide includes a statement from the employer indicating their willingness to sponsor an employee’s work visa.

As of right now, 196 Jobs can be found. You should consider applying to this firm.

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  • Awesome compensation structure
  • Allowance for Travel
  • A free and good atmosphere where everyone’s opinion matters
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • Funding for visas
  • Colleagues who are wonderful examples of teamwork
  • Assistance in Relocating

Read on for details: Stafide is hiring!


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MSD Netherlands

MSD Netherlands is also hiring at the moment. And some Jobs can help with Visas. There are 74,000 people on staff. Choose the Netherlands as your search location. They have 87 jobs right now in the Netherlands.

Visa Sponsorship Benefits

Read on for details: Submit Your Resume to MSD


Optiver is an innovative brokerage that uses cutting-edge technology to compete on a worldwide scale. For its long history as a market maker, it ranks among the most venerable financial organizations.

They promise to help with the cost of moving and the application for a visa. In addition to giving attractive relocation packages and facilitating visa sponsorship for eligible candidates.

Netherlands Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Read on for details: Optiver is hiring!

P&G Nederland

KPMG Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, we have Unilever.

Netherlands hiring license companies list (Recognized by Govt)

Companies in the Netherlands that can act as visa sponsors. They’re called Licensed sponsors and can issue visas to non-Netherlands residents. The Dutch government officially acknowledges and approves them.

.pdf Public Register of Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants (PDF, 748.44 KB)

Highly Skilled Migrants have the most visa sponsoring companies. Numerous businesses exist today. Search for “list of companies” + “copy anyone” + “finds the Job” to see the list of businesses and discover the job.

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Register of Public Schools and Colleges.pdf (PDF, 80.8 KB)

That’s what working at a school means if you’re interested in education or planning to become a teacher.

Directive EU 2016801.pdf on the Publication and Registration of Scientific Researchers (PDF, 81.8 KB)

Therefore, the Researchers’ Directive is intended for researchers, scientists, and the disciplines in which they work. They belong here because of it. The list of companies willing to sponsor visas is available there.


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