New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Companies in New Zealand are ready to sponsor noncitizens for work visas in 2023, and the New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs are now available.

The labor market in New Zealand is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workers, and accredited employers in the country may be able to sponsor your application for a work visa.

There is a wide range of starting salaries in New Zealand, from around NZD 51,650.

Students from other countries who want to work in New Zealand should begin looking for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand right once.

The company will manage and take care of the Visa process after receiving the approval letter.

They are searching for applicants from all backgrounds, all fields, all majors, and any skill.

Information and communications technology (ICT) managers make $120,000 per year on average, software engineers make $120,000 per year, ICT security specialists make $120,000 per year, and multimedia specialists make $95,000 per year.

All engineering areas are in high demand.

Some other examples of in-demand professions in New Zealand are shown below. You’ll need a resume, documents, and an offer of employment in New Zealand formatted for 2023 to apply for jobs that will sponsor your visa.

So, I need you to read this whole thing. A Sponsor Visa is what you need for this. An organization registered in New Zealand as a business.

Following is a list of our Sponsoring Companies and Accredited Employers.
Find Top-Paying Jobs That Will Sponsor Your Visa to New Zealand in 2023. Accept applications from people of all races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, and ages.

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Table of Contents
Shortage Fields List
Companies in New Zealand that offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs
Shortage Fields List
New Zealand may sponsor your visa application if one of your skills is on the country’s “Shortage List.”

Construction (All Fields)
Engineering (All Engineering)
Business / Finance
Health and Welfare Services
ICT, electronics, and telecommunications
Tourism, hospitality, and recreation
Forestry and agriculture
To examine a complete list of fields, use this “Skill Shortage Checker.”

New Zealand-Visa-Creative
Companies in New Zealand that offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs
When you click on a company, it will take you to the carrier’s job posting page. First, read the Job Description and Criteria and apply for the Job. The sponsorship is the point. First, obtain an offer from the sponsor.

Companies on this list have been granted official permission by the New Zealand government to sponsor visa applications on behalf of their employees. You may verify (Here). NZ Govt also provides the company name and email address.

To apply for the job, you can either send them an email or look up the company online (using Google, for example).


Access to Community Health Limited

AFFCO Holdings Limited

Air New Zealand

Alliance Group Limited

Alsco NZ

Altus NZ Limited

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

Arvida Limited

ASB Bank Limited

Auckland Council

Auckland District Health Board



AWF Limited

Bank of New Zealand

Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Bidfood Limited

Building Supplies Distribution Limited

Bunnings Limited

Kiwi Lumber Holdings Limited

KiwiRail Limited

Kmart NZ Holdings Limited

Landcorp Farming Limited

Lion NZ Limited

Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited

Lyttelton Port Company Limited

Mainfreight Limited

Silver Fern Farms Limited

Skellerup Industries Limited

SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited

You should get a job in New Zealand asap.
Working in New Zealand requires a work or residence visa if you are planning to move here from another nation. You’re going to need a job to get that.

Apply for jobs in the firms listed above. They are authorized to sponsor international applicants.

It is completely legal to apply for jobs before obtaining a visa. Following employment, the department head will act as your advocate throughout the rest of the hiring process. Your ability to make money will increase when you obtain your visa.

Create a New Zealand-style CV

Create a New Zealand-style CV. Employers in New Zealand want curriculum vitae that are concise and easy to read (CVs). This may differ from the style you are accustomed to.

Most companies will quickly scan your CV to see if it is worth reading in depth. As a result, it must establish an immediate positive impact.

New Zealand work visa
New Zealand-Work Visa: What to Include in Your CV
Employers in New Zealand simply want to see relevant material on your CV. They do not require a list of every job or course you have ever taken.

Employers are mainly interested in your:

Personal and technical abilities
Work experience
Qualifications and Education
Volunteering and community involvement
They also want to see proof of how you have used your expertise.
It is best to include just relevant facts about your talents and expertise, as well as concise instances of how you have used your skills in the past. Learn more about New Zealand Style CV: Here.

The following is based on my personal experience and readings on the official New Zealand Government website, however, I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information presented. I do not practice law or offer immigration advice.

The opinions and assessments I have formed on my own. Above, you’ll find a link to a formal proclamation that I’ve made. If you’re still unsure, check out the linked official website.



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