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Have you considered relocating to Canada, for jobs in Ottawa? Finding a nice city to live in after deciding to immigrate is a different matter. You have made a wise choice if you have agreed to reside in Ottawa and apply for the greatest jobs in Ottawa. 

If you need help getting work in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place. If you put in the time and effort, you can get employment in Canada in your field. But thoughtful preparation is necessary. 

The average salary in Ottawa is among the highest in the country. The low and stable unemployment rate in the city will also attract expats. 

Despite this, finding a decent job before relocating to Ottawa is best because it can be challenging to find one there. 

Since Ottawa is the nation’s capital and administrative hub, the federal government is the city’s significant employer. 

However, for employment in the government, Canadian residents typically receive preference. Most expats are employed by one of the numerous significant national institutions, diplomatic missions abroad, or nonprofit organizations. 

In addition, Ottawa is a thriving hub for commerce and technology, with leading positions in the health, social services, education, manufacturing, and technology sectors. 

Foreigners should know that Ottawa employers prefer candidates who speak French or English fluently. It will be beneficial to be knowledgeable in both. 

An excellent place to start is online job hunting in Ottawa. Through job portals and social networking sites like LinkedIn, expats can research the local job market and submit applications for open positions. 

Foreign individuals looking for a job in Ottawa may need help with several hurdles, including the language barrier, the absence of prior work experience in Canada, and the difficulty of having their skills and qualifications recognized by Canadian employers. You may find more details about Ottawa employment in the sections below.

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 jobs in Ottawa

Top 10 In-demand jobs in Ottawa 

IT and Help Desk Professionals 

All users of computers in a business or organization receive advice and assistance from IT, support specialists. 

In this day and age, IT specialists are more necessary than ever because more people are working from home and using their equipment regularly. 

Nobody, says Pan, can afford to have employees miss Zoom meetings with potential clients or work less effectively from home. 

Pan does not anticipate a drop in demand for this profession following the pandemic. She thinks that working from home will remain popular. 

The average yearly salary for IT and service desk experts in Canada is $49.525. 

Look into computer and information technology courses.

Administrative assistants

Managers ask administrative assistants for help when they need to organize their staff and tasks. 

Like IT specialists, they are also more in demand than ever because of the pandemic. 

According to Pan, companies need human resources to work from home and schedule meetings. 

Additionally, there are always opportunities to advance in this field. Even once the pandemic is ended, there will still be a growing need for administrative support. 

The average annual wage for administrative assistants in Canada is $55,054.

Cybersecurity experts 

Cyber security professionals protect information on computer networks, cloud servers, mobile devices, and payment software. Most importantly, they develop strategies to prevent data breaches. They assess and forecast potential threats. 

Pan claims that as more employees want to work from home, more information, such as personnel details and meeting schedules, must be posted online. “The people are concerned about security.” 

Expect job growth to rise as the tendency toward working from home persists even after the outbreak. 

The average yearly compensation for cyber security experts in Canada is $87,728. 

Learn more about cloud computing, cyber security, and computer programming courses.

Web developers 

Pan predicts that even when the virus has passed, consumers will continue to switch to online shopping, even though the pandemic may have expedited this trend. 

Web developers are therefore needed by businesses to create user-friendly websites and other digital products that allow customers and organizations to transact business online. 

A web developer in Canada earns an average salary of $67,432.

Mobile applications Programmers 

This is related to the shift toward online commerce once more. After all, someone has to create software apps that are compatible with mobile devices for customers who made mobile purchases owing to the epidemic and will still make them due to the convenience of doing so after the outbreak. 

The average yearly salary for Canadian mobile app developers is $77,632.

Data scientists and data analysts 

In an era of online transactions and search activity, data scientists are changing the retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and trucking industries, to name a few. 

Vast volumes of data can be collected and analyzed by firms thanks to them, which can increase everything from sales and client retention to industrial efficiency. 

Analysts and data scientists typically make between $71,613 and $82,713 per year.

Digital marketing expert 

A significant change in how businesses market to consumers is only natural after the move to internet purchasing. 

Organizations will need expertise in digital marketing to define and target a market, create a brand, and implement a quantitative marketing strategy across an ever-expanding menu of digital platforms and technology. 

When developing digital strategies that compel audiences to act on social media, search engines, email, live chat, and Google Ads, digital marketing professionals must strike a balance between creativity and analytical thinking. 

A digital marketer in Canada earns, on average, $51,774.

 jobs in Ottawa

Managers of logistics and transportation 

Online shopping has a massive following before the pandemic. It is currently very large. In addition, someone needs to make sure that customers get their orders. To do this, logistics and transportation managers coordinate all problems with corporate transportation. 

As long as online shopping trends exist, this role will be in demand. 

The typical salary range for a logistics or transportation manager is $65,495 to $105,187 annually. 

There are courses available for PMP and CAPM certification exam preparation.

Early Childhood Educators 

Parents, especially mothers, have been compelled to give up their jobs due to their inability to afford or get child care during the pandemic. 

The federal government is investing $30 billion in early childhood education over the next five years to provide parents with access to high-quality, affordable child care. Demand for early childhood educators will soar and continue to grow as the population grows. 

Pan claims this is the only way the government can help parents return to work and start paying taxes. 

Earnings for early childhood educators average $49,517 per year.

Seniors’ Health Care Support Personnel 

The need for caretakers for the elderly in Canada has increased despite being unconnected to the pandemic. The demand will not change. 

According to Statistics Canada, the overall employment vacancy rate for healthcare professionals rose to 4.7% in the fourth quarter of 2020. That has to be among the highest rates among all (job) industries. 

The government agency believes that there will always be a need for healthcare specialists. 

In Canada, healthcare support staff earn an average yearly pay of $47,183. 

Look into the available Nursing, Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Technology, and Pharmacy Assistant programs.

Top Hiring Companies for best jobs in Ottawa

  • Mattamy Homes
  • Landmark Home Solutions
  • Securitas Canada Ltd.
  • FedEx Ground, 
  • PepsiCo
  • Notify
  • Amazon Warehouse
  • FedEx Ground PH Canada
  • Urban Life Solutions

Best hiring Tech company for jobs in Ottawa

Top job sites for jobs in Ottawa

Jobs in Ottawa: FAQs

What is the average pay in Ottawa? 

According to, the average yearly wage in Ottawa, Canada, is $37,421, or $19.19 per hour. While entry-level positions start at $31,761 per year, the highest-paid experts can earn up to $83,768 per year. 

Is Ottawa a good place for newcomers? 

Ottawa is a great place for immigrants to live. The city is clean, welcoming, and diverse. It boasts an excellent public transportation system, is very pedestrian-friendly, and has a variety of housing alternatives. The city is the headquarters of the federal government and has a perfect educational system. 

In Ottawa, where do the majority of people work? 

The area’s largest employer is the federal government, employing about 110,000 people. The Department of National Defence is housed at the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, which also serves as the significant command center for the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Is living in Ottawa expensive? 

Ottawa’s cost of living is 18% cheaper than the national average. This is fantastic news for anyone looking to relocate because it means they can live their daily lives at a far reduced average monthly cost. The average property price in Ottawa is $364,400, which is $156,000 less than the national average. 

Are French abilities required for employment in Ottawa? 

Most employment in Ottawa merely requires you to be fluent in English. However, for certain positions in the federal government, you may need to be multilingual in both English and French. The official language of the province of Ontario is English.


Ottawa is one of the greatest Canadian cities for raising a family and growing your career. The city consistently ranks as one of the safest in Canada due to its significantly lower crime rate than the country. 

Forbes magazine ranked Ottawa the fourth cleanest out of 300 cities worldwide. 

Canada’s wealthiest households are located in Ottawa. It is considered a serene, peaceful, family-oriented city with laid-back citizens who favor sports over partying. 

The area is rapidly becoming Canada’s technology center. There are more than 1,700 enterprises in the digital media, communications technology, software, and cleantech sectors. Ottawa has more tech companies than Montreal, Vancouver, or Calgary combined. 

Ottawa has a sizable IT sector, and if you’re seeking a job to develop your career, there are also openings in scientific and manufacturing services. 

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has many administrative jobs. The federal government is the largest employer in the region, employing 135,000 people in total, including the military. 

When looking for a job in Ottawa, the federal government, high tech, finance, insurance, real estate, trade, education, and health are the best sectors to consider.

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