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Jobs in Perth, Australia: Amazing Guide 2023

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Are you considering working abroad in Australia? Perth, the sunniest capital in the world with lovely beaches, is the only place you need to look. 

Even though Perth is geographically remote and has a low population, there are plenty of things to do there besides work! Perth has developed into a city with many entertaining cultural experiences and tourist attractions.

There are many online resources for finding a job if you’re interested in working in Western Australia, particularly in Perth, where there is a constant need for qualified workers with a good pay you can contend with.


Jobs in Perth, Australia: How to Look for Jobs 

You can start looking for a job once you know the demand for your profession in the Perth metro area and that you are qualified to work in Western Australia. 

Networking with other people in your trade or industry can significantly improve your chances, even before you leave for Australia. 

Many jobs must be posted on the open market if the HR department can find a suitable candidate through personal business contacts. So, you should consider joining the industry group most relevant to your job. 

Essential organizations and associations are highlighted in Western Australia’s official occupational profiles. You can look for a job the old-fashioned way by looking at online job boards and the classified sections of major newspapers. You can also join a business group. 

You should check out the following publications and websites if you’re looking for open positions in Perth: 

  • Mining News (features professional placements and upcoming industry events)
  • The Australian
  • The West Australian

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Top job sites


You can reach more people if you use the Australian version of the international job site Adzuna. Because the website works with newspapers, your job postings will reach candidates no matter where they are or what platform they use to look for work.


Job seekers like CareerOne, an Australian partner of Monster, since it allows them to browse job listings, get career guidance, and ask for a resume assessment. You can post open positions or ask for a custom answer by choosing one of the three advertising packs. Additionally, you can actively explore the website’s resume database for eligible candidates.


An international employment search site called CareerJet operates in 94 nations, including Australia. By posting customized ads, you can find qualified candidates in any field and at any level of expertise. Your Careerjet profile’s careers page also allows you to index your published jobs.


The extensive classified advertising website You can advertise available positions and contact people on Gumtree’s Australian page. Industries like hotels, services, manufacturing, and construction are big users of this website.

Indeed Australia

The well-known job search engine Indeed says that more than 10 million people visit its Australian branch every month. You can actively look for applicants in Indeed’s resume database, promote your employer brand with a branded company page, post your job ads for free, or pay for sponsored ads.

JobActive powered by JobSearch

The Australian government created this site to boost employment rates. Your job openings can easily be advertised for nothing. 

You can also contact employment service providers through the site if you have particular hiring needs or want to make your workplace more diverse. They will make recommendations for competent job seekers (like remote candidates or people with disabilities).


Seek is the place to go when recruiting in Australia because it’s one of the most well-known regional job boards. You can post your job openings on Seek and then look through its large candidate database to find people whose profiles match your needs. 

Seek also has a corporate review board where job seekers can look at employee recommendations to see if they would be a good fit. Doing this will increase your chances of receiving applications from candidates already familiar with your workplace and culture.

Learn how to integrate your Seek account with Workable if you already have one to speed up the hiring process.


Jobs in Perth, Australia

Perth’s largest industry is agriculture, which has flourished partly due to Western Australia’s expansive landscape. Western Australia has exported wheat worth close to $4 billion in just the last couple of years. 

There’s no doubt that Western Australia’s agriculture industry is huge, and with the government’s help, it will continue to be an excellent place for foreign workers to find jobs. Some recruitment firms in Perth and other Australian cities only look for people to fill rural farming jobs.

With more than two-thirds of the labor force employed, Perth’s service sector is the largest. Everything from retail and real estate to tourism and hospitality to health and community services is included in Perth’s service sector. 

There are many service jobs available in Perth if you want to work there in less permanent and more casual positions. One of the largest segments of the service sector is tourism, which includes work at aquariums, zoos, parks, museums, and other attractions.

In-demand Jobs in Perth, Australia


Engineers are in high demand in Perth since their profession is constantly changing. With 22 engineers per 1000 residents, the city has the highest density of engineers in the entire globe! As an engineering student, you have various disciplines, such as mechanical, chemical, civil, mining, structural, and software engineering. 

On the WA Skilled Migrant Occupation List, engineers have jobs in many fields, such as agriculture, electrical, biomedical, civil, and chemical engineering. Graduates of engineering schools in Perth often get employment in the mining, energy, and resources industries. Engineers also often do FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) assignments in remote parts of Western Australia.

Information Technology Specialist 

Today, practically every sector of the economy depends on information technology (IT) to run daily operations. An information technology specialist manages and keeps up with a workplace’s data, internet networks, computer systems, websites, programs, and security issues. 

Depending on the job function and industry, the same tasks may vary. IT professionals frequently specialize in a particular field, such as programming or cybersecurity.

Jobs in Perth, Australia


For problems with your hearing and balance, you should see an audiologist. Typically, audiologists work with medical groups that treat ear, nose, and throat conditions. The Western Australian Skilled Migrant Occupation List says audiologists are one of the most-wanted migrant jobs. 

Many beginning audiology students hold undergraduate degrees in physiology, biomedical science, or human biology.


There is a great demand for teachers and vocational trainers all around Perth and rural Western Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Western Australian educators is over 60 and on the verge of retirement. 

This predicts a rise in the need for A company can hire people to take care of its financial records, taxes, project funding, inventory management, key performance indicator (KPI) reports, spending, and internal audits. 

A company can hire people to take care of its financial records, taxes, project funding, inventory management, key performance indicator (KPI) reports, spending, and internal audits. Because they are used in practically every business, accountants are continually in demand.

Autonomous Systems Technician

The mining, energy, and resource industries are changing quickly because of systems and tools for automating tasks. Many of the state’s large mining projects are being run from office buildings in Perth’s CBD rather than running equipment on-site. The need for workers with the technical know-how to run and manage automation technology systems has risen.

Midwife and nurse

Both nursing and midwifery play significant roles in healthcare. A nurse is in charge of providing assistance and care to individuals who are ill and in need of medical attention, whether they work in a hospital, medical facility, school, or community center. A midwife is trained to help and care for women while pregnant, giving birth, and during labor. Because they are needed all around the world, nurses and midwives are both featured on the WA Skilled Migration Occupation List as suitable occupations.



A CPA oversees both individual and corporate financial information. Many accountants assist people with their finances while working for an accounting business. A corporation may Hire someone else to take care of your financial records, taxes, project funding, inventory management, key performance indicator (KPI) reports, spending and internal audits. Because they are used in practically every business, accountants are continually in demand.

Support Worker for the Elderly and Disabled

Due to Australia’s aging population, there is a growing need for caregivers for the elderly. Aged care workers and those who assist disabled people help those who are physically or emotionally unable to care for themselves. 

Depending on the patient’s needs, the job may include helping them get dressed, shower, take their medicine, go on social outings, and do fun things in their free time. You might work in a hospital, an elderly care facility, or a person’s home. Support staff for the elderly and disabled typically need training and certification.

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Salary

Perth’s typical annual full-time salary is $75,000. Unfortunately, your expenses could soon mount up when you factor in the cost of living, including rent, utilities, transportation, food, etc. 

Even though Perth is remote in Australia, most goods will still be available. However, many items will cost more because of the higher shipping cost. Surprisingly, Perth has the highest concentration of self-made millionaires worldwide. Life will be much better if you are fortunate enough to live a luxurious lifestyle while working in Perth. If not, though, inflation may drive up housing costs in Perth.

Perth has one of the highest standards of living and is ranked the 19th most expensive city in the world (Sydney is ranked first). To put things in perspective, a dozen eggs cost $3.50. Consider going to the movies. 

You will be charged $13 for an international release of that. One-bedroom apartments in the city center often cost close to $2,000 monthly to rent. If you want to do well in Perth, watch how much you spend. Maintaining a laid-back lifestyle may cost more than you think.


Jobs in Perth, Australia: Benefits & Challenges

If you want to look for work overseas in Perth, you should think about the following:


Perth, although appearing to be far away, has a lot to offer. Why would you ever want to leave when there are so many beaches, parks, museums, and restaurants here? City Living Perth is famed for its laid-back atmosphere, as are its residents. Perth is thus ideal for anyone looking for a balanced, calm lifestyle and the adventure of living abroad.


Visitors and people who live there are mostly safe in Perth, except for people who get very sunburned and some endangered marine species. Just remember to stay hydrated as you get used to the weather and to avoid walking alone at night!

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Conditions of Employment 

When you have a position that suits you in Perth, you should learn more about the working environment. The typical work week for full-time employees is 38 hours, and they are legally entitled to overtime pay. However, management and executive positions are exempt from this. 

A minimum of four weeks of paid vacation time is required by law. You also get ten days of paid personal leave, which you can use for things like illness. You also get to take advantage of the ten Western Australian public holidays. 

The Australian government has approved 18 weeks of paid parental leave for every child born after January 1, 2011, which may please working parents. 

For parents who aren’t the baby’s primary caregiver, the program will offer an additional two weeks of Dad and Partner Pay beginning on January 1, 2013. 

Assessment of Skills and Qualifications for Employment in Perth 

Unfortunately, just because you have professional training and job experience in your native country doesn’t mean you will be instantly accepted abroad. 

In Perth, a certificate or diploma from some nations can be dismissed as little more than a piece of paper. You should thus investigate the job profiles offered by Western Australia’s career center. 

Choose the job title that best describes your current position and learn everything there is to know about that job in Perth and Western Australia, including job prospects, typical salaries, working conditions, and, most importantly, a summary of the education needed to hold that job in Perth. 

Contact Western Australia’s Overseas Qualification Unit if your previous education gave you the right skills and knowledge. Bring up a formal qualification evaluation with them. This way, you can show potential employers in Perth that you have the qualifications they need for the job.

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Conclusion

Perth is reported to rank ninth on the list of the world’s most livable cities, so if you decide you want to work there, you should know that. Perth has a thriving arts culture with many concert halls, theaters, and outdoor locations. One theater is lavish and referred to as “His Majesty’s.”

Perth has a lot of vibrant city precincts that offer fantastic shopping opportunities, as well as a lot of great places to eat and party. 

The central business district of Perth is always busy, and Leederville’s Oxford Street is full of small shops. Mount Lawley often has live music events, and Northbridge has a lot of cool bars and restaurants to choose from.

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