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Best Remote jobs in Canada in 2023


Do you know there are remote jobs in Canada that allow you to work at your convenience and still provide for your family and future with a steady income?

The financial benefits of remote jobs in Canada go beyond the obvious time and energy savings associated with not having to get dressed and drive to and from work each day.

Employment opportunities that allow people to work remotely are the trend of the future.


Therefore, when you think about all the recent lockdowns, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are looking into the benefits of remote workers to help them prepare for the inevitable interruptions that are bound to happen.

There are many opportunities to make money without leaving your house, whether you’re just searching for something to do on the side or want to replace your 9-to-5.

Many of these occupations are suitable for those seeking supplementary income.

There are so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide.

So many things are unclear about remote jobs in Canada, such as how much money may be made from home. How hard would you say it is to look for work-from-home opportunities?

With a bachelor’s degree or more, the percentage of remote workers increases to about 6 in 10.

Furthermore, in the past few years, I’ve made it my goal to support myself financially by working remotely, exclusively from my laptop.

I’ve read a lot of articles and taken a lot of classes about making money online.

Since 2018, I’ve done some work from home; this coming fall, I’ll be able to devote myself entirely to remote work while also exploring the world.

Keep reading to find out more about some of the top remote jobs in Canada that do not require a university degree or a huge startup cost.

List of remote jobs in Canada

The top remote jobs in Canada listed below are open to residents of the United States and Canada (including major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver).

What follows is a list of what I consider to be the most viable options for remote jobs in Canada.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Low-Medium Training Required

Hourly pay: $15–$40+

A virtual assistant (VA) is a service provider who interacts solely through electronic means. VAs have several roles. Blog post creation, appointment setting, event planning, email administration, digital advertising, editing, proofreading, and social media management are all examples of chores that may need doing.

You can work as a VA on one task or all of them. Pinterest-only VAs are possible. In a larger company, you may focus on one or two jobs.

You may do everything for an independent blogger. Your client decides. My VA enjoys the freedom of helping me with blogging responsibilities.

Working with dedicated, business-savvy people is great for networking and learning.

Remote jobs in Canada

  1. Proof Reader

Needs Low-Medium Training


A proofreader is someone who reads text and fixes problems like misspelled words and grammatical flaws. Blogs, newspapers, journals, and book publishers hire them.

Proofreaders usually work closely with content writers.

Remote jobs in Canada

  1. Transcriber

Needed Instruction: low

Hourly wages range from $15 to $30.

A transcriber is a person whose job it is to transcribe audio recordings into text. A typical typing speed for a transcriber is between 50 and 80 words per minute.

It typically takes a transcriber between four and five hours to transcribe one hour of audio.

If you have expertise in your field, you may decide to focus on a specific subset of that field. For example, professional fields like medicine and law typically have greater starting salaries.

One of the most lucrative remote jobs in cis transcription.

You can sign-up for a mini course here

  1. Teach English Online

Need for Training: Low to Medium.

Pay ranges from $14 to $30 an hour.

Teaching English online is one of the most prevalent careers for people who want to see the world while making a living.

If you already know how to speak English, you can teach it online to kids in another country, like Taiwan or Korea, for a good wage.

Some companies, like VIPKid and QKid, want you to have a college degree, but others, like Palfish, don’t.

You can start teaching in as little as a few weeks after you apply. In Canada, you can also teach as a part-time job that you can do from home.

China has stopped allowing foreign teachers in recent years, which has harmed the online teaching business.

The people I’ve met who teach English online either love what they do or see it as a temporary gig while they look for something better. It’s a simple way to start working from home either way.

Think about this job if you are

  • Friendly with kids
  • Patient
  • Organized

How to Start: It’s still pretty easy to get a job teaching English online, but it’s gotten a little harder in the last few years. Here’s how I think you should get into the business:

As it is a globally recognized credential and many employers require it, a TEFL certificate is something you should seriously consider.

Remote jobs in Canada

  1. Content Writer

Training Requirements: Moderate

$10-$100+ per piece

A content writer creates articles and other written materials for websites and blogs. Writing opportunities are as diverse as the internet itself.

Writers are needed for an infinite number of blogs covering every imaginable topic. There is strong interest in this position.

When I first started working from home, I did some content writing. With my expertise in the field, I was able to attract several top-tier patrons in the financial sector. Here, on this site, I am putting those abilities to use.

If you don’t know what specialty to focus on or don’t have a solid background in a topic, try to get any client who will pay you.

If you fit the following criteria, you should give serious thought to this employment opportunity:

  • Please take pleasure in writing
  • Take pleasure in expanding your horizons
  • Enjoy the feeling of success that comes from your work being read by others.
  • In a structured fashion
  • like doing research and are competent at it

Remote jobs in Canada

Tips for Getting Started:

YouTube has tons of free educational videos, and Udemy has some great ones at affordable prices. Try enrolling in a class on writing articles.

What You’ll Need for Home-Based Work

Almost all remote job requires a modern computer with an up-to-date operating system, antivirus, and internet connectivity (check your connection speed).

Most remote businesses frown on utilizing public computers or WiFi at libraries or coffee shops. In many cases, employers will help you get set up with a computer for use in your home office and provide training.

Some businesses have stringent rules on the equipment their employees can use, such as requiring a certain screen resolution or a special kind of headset with no background noise or even forbidding the use of wireless devices altogether. A separate phone line may also be required.

The employment may necessitate the use of specialized software, such as a word processor or a transcription program. Employers and software developers often supply it at no cost to employees.

Now let’s talk about some benefits of remote jobs in Canada

Working from home has many benefits:

  • You can deduct some of your rent, mortgage, and utility costs from your taxable income.
  • some companies will pay for all or most of your related costs.
  • Some companies can pay for your medical care.
  • You’ll save money on mundane but necessary business costs like gas and clothes.
  • Decrease the amount of waste you produce.
  • Keep your reliance as a top priority.
  • Get through physical or mental health issues.

Companies with remote jobs in Canada

 Bench Accounting

The bench is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based accounting firm dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with friendly, efficient, and reasonably priced assistance in getting a firm grasp on their finances.

When it comes to handling bookkeeping and taxes for small business owners, the team of 600+ specialists uses a combination of user-friendly software and actual human bookkeepers.

Recent remote work opportunities in Canada include:

Manager, Senior Analytics Engineer, Client Marketing


Dooly is a Canadian tech business with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. The company has evolved from a tool to speed up the process of updating Salesforce to a collaborative area where sales teams can work together to make more sales.

Up-to-date Canadian job listings for remote workers:

Expert in Conversion Rate Optimization and Senior Front-End Engineer


Ecobee, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a “rapidly growing” technology firm.

Therefore, the company is pleased to have on staff “some of Canada’s best engineers and developers,” who work on developing and manufacturing smart gadgets for both homes and businesses.

Available Canadian remote job postings as of late:

Coordinator of Device-Related


The pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries rely on ICON plc, a leading supplier of outsourced development services, to create life-saving and quality-of-life enhancing medicines and medical devices.

The Dublin, Leinster, Ireland-based firm has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Companies offering Remote Jobs by FlexJobs.

Remote jobs in Canada:

Project Manager – Real World Solutions and Late Phase


In addition to its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify also has regional offices in many other cities across the world. By providing a platform for musicians, comedians, and comedy lovers to connect and thrive off one another’s work, the company hopes to help unleash the full potential of the human imagination.

Spotify claims to have over 360 million subscribers in 170+ countries and regions, making it the most popular audio streaming service in the world.

Recent Canadian Opportunities for Work from Home:

Engineer in Charge of Digital Workplace Site Audits


Sutherland, with headquarters in Pittsford, New York, is a worldwide technology and process transformation firm with offices, workers, and clients all around the world. It has been recognized as one of FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies With Remote Jobs in the past.

The company strives to “make digital human” by developing “exceptionally engineered brand experiences” through the integration of human-centered design, real-time AI, cognitive technologies, automation, and analytics.

Recent Canadian Opportunities for Work from Home:

Representative with Customers
Skilled Professional in Spanish-Language Streaming Services


Wealthsimple, with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a financial services firm with the stated goal of empowering people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to take control of their financial futures.

The company’s overarching goal is to revolutionize our conception of financial management and growth by providing cutting-edge yet accessible tools for all of our customers.

Recent Canadian Opportunities for Work from Home:

The Managerial Social Media Expert in Government Affairs

To focus your efforts, you can search for jobs in Canada by province.

Alberta Jobs
British Columbia Jobs
Ontario Jobs
Quebec Jobs

Many companies hire remote workers regardless of their location, but these enterprises specifically wanted Canadian team members to join them remotely. As a result, you won’t have to restrict your search for a remote job to Canadian organizations.


Where does the future of remote jobs in Canada stand?

In reality, 43% of workers say they have the choice to work remotely, per a survey by Canadian employment business Robert Half. That’s nearly half of Canada’s workforce, and if trends continue as they have, it won’t be long until that number tops 50%.

Which Canadian cities have the most remote job openings?

Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa-Gatineau, Winnipeg, and Quebec City all have remote positions available.

What does the future hold for remote jobs in Canada?

Fifty-four percent of Canadian C-suite executives who were surveyed about remote work reported that their companies had begun allowing remote work in the last three years.

After reviewing the advantages we’ve just discussed, as well as the rapid developments in hardware and software, it’s safe to predict that will continue to flourish in the country.

We, therefore, encourage anyone considering becoming a digital nomad to do so in Canada.

What’s the deal with Canadians loving their remote work options?

The benefits of remote jobs in Canada have been proven, and there is a demand from workers, so Canadian companies are investing in it.


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