Scotland’s Saltire Government Scholarships for 2022/2023

Everyone who desires to have a post-graduate degree in Scotland is given the rare opportunity by the Scottish Government through scholarship. Recipients of the Scotland’s Saltire Government  scholarship will have the chance to explore the fields of science, creative industries, technology,  renewable and clean energy and many others.
Scotland’s Saltire Government Scholarships will help enhance your career by engaging you with an international network of Saltire scholars. It widens recipients social network by perfecting their interpersonal and communication skills within the teamwork. Students zeal to work in a dynamic international environ will be helpful in growing their careers.
Scotland’s Saltire Government program offers different scholarship programs in different Scottish universities and colleges in affiliation with the Scotland govt. The scholarship to study in Scotland is a fantastic opportunity because the recipients will have the opportunity to study in the world-leading universities that have long histories of academic excellence.
Candidates with leadership skills and abilities will be given preference in the selection process. This is because they’ve potential to become world leaders in the future. The aim of the scholarship is to broaden recipients’ educational horizon and develop their overall personality.
The 2022 Saltire Scholarship will give the Saltire scholars the avenue to participate in different engagement activities that are in line with their academic and professional development. The scholars will also have the opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with the business and educational community in Scotland.
This distinctive international scholarship program demands the recipients to keep to the standards of conduct that will give the university favourable image before the general public. How recipients appear in welcoming reception to the end of the year will help them share their concerns and wonderful achievements during the program. Through this, they’ll be able to have influence in the minds of the field experts.
This fully-funded scholarship is made easy for the recipients by the Scotland’s Saltire Government Scholarships. Recipients can be studying and working with the people who are innovative, reserved, friendly and committed to work. The scholarship provide recipients the opportunity to study in a conducive environment with multiple cultural events which will contribute to their existence favourably. You just have to be a recipient to enjoy all of this!


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Scotland’s Saltire Government Scholarships for 2022/2023:

• Host Country: Scotland
• Funded By: Scottish Government
• Course Level: Master’s Degree Programs
• Course Duration: 1 year


• Energy
• Geology
• Earth Sciences
• Weather and Climate
• Plants/Botany
• Environment
• Animals/Zoology
• Software
• Systems
• Information
• Engineering
• Bioinformatics
• Multimedia
Creative Industries
• Journalism
• Broadcasting
• Film
• Animation
• Cultural
• Publishing
• New Media Studies
• Computer Games/Computer Arts
• Graphic
• Design
• Fashion
• Industrial
• Interior
• Communication, Media & Culture
Health Care & Medical Sciences
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Biology
• Biotechnology
• Astronomy
• Health Sciences
• Physical and Life Sciences
Clean and Renewable Energy
• Renewable Energy
• Biomass/Biofuels
• Sustainable Engineering
• Hydro, Tidal, Solar & Wind Power

Number of Scholarship:

50 scholarships in Europe
Benefits of Scholarship
• It develops recipients’ personality and professional skills
• It gives the recipients the opportunity to study in international community
• The award is valued at £8,000 per annum for the one year of the program
Eligible countries
• China
• Canada
• India
• Japan
• Pakistan
• United States
Eligiblity Criteria:
• Candidates are to meet language requirement
• Candidates must not have once received the Saltire Scholarship
• Candidates must have once schooled in Scotland
• Candidates are to complete application form before closing date
• Candidates are to provide an offer letter from a Scottish university
How To Apply:
• Candidates are to apply through the official website
• Candidates are to choose preferred university, course and program as in the received offer letter
• Candidates are to maintain area of interest
• Candidates are to answer the 50 essay questions that will be given  with word limit of 150 for each
• Candidates are to provide all the necessary documents asked at the point of registration
• Candidates are advised to be careful with the application and submission
• Interpersonal skills
• Communication skills
• Candidates aspiration to work and study in global environment
• Candidates desire to study in Scotland
• Candidates ability to demonstrate leadership skills