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Top Canada Immigration Programs For Truck Drivers

Canada Immigration Programs For Truck Drivers – As a truck driver, do you know that your services are needed in Canada? Canada is one of the countries that have truck driving as one of the most in-demand occupation in the country. They are among the highest earning occupation in the country as they earn about $50,000 to $70,000 as annual average salary.

The country has large cities and a wonderful landscape which makes it easy to transport goods and people without issues and so as a long haul truck driver; the vast land offers you great opportunity to move goods from different provinces and territories within Canada.

In Canada, it has been made a duty for industries to hire foreign skilled truck drivers to fill up labour shortages especially when they involve in transportation of goods. Truck drivers are really important in the economy as they add their own quota to the growth and development of Canada.

Therefore, provinces are taking it as a point of duty to see how they could invite foreign skilled truck drivers especially long haul truck drivers into the country. There are several provincial nominee programs that help foreign truck drivers to get visa into Canada and also become permanent residence in Canada. so as a truck driver, getting permanent residence will mean that you will have to get a job offer from an employer in any of the provinces you want to live in.

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