UNESCO Internship Programme Students and Fresh Graduates 2022/2023

Do you plan to settle with a career in the field of science, education or culture? Feel free to apply for UNESCO Internship Programme for students and fresh graduates. The 2022/23 programme is set to expand the shortlisted applicants academic knowledge.


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Partial Scholarship at Massey University, New Zealand 2023

Partial Scholarship at La Trobe University Australia 2023


The successful applicants will have a great chance to work in one of UNESCO’s prioritized areas and helps in understanding the Organization’s programmes, mandates and other.

UNESCO Internship Programme Overview

• Host organization: UNESCO
• Programme: Graduate Internship
• Host location: Different locations
• Internship duration: 2-6 months
• No. of space: Not specified
• International students can apply
• Internship deadline: Still on

Internship Eligibility Requirements

• Applicants must not be below 20 years old.
• Applicants must be currently enrolled in graduate programmes (Master’s, PhD, or equivalent)
• Applicants must be recently graduated with a Master’s degree or PhD 12 months before the commencement of the internship programme.
• Applicants must have an exceptional command; spoken or written of French or English language.
• Applicants must have a great interpersonal and communication skills
• Applicants must be able to work well in a team and adapt to an international working environment.
• Applicants must have an exceptional knowledge of computer systems and softwares that have to do with the office.

Internship Application Process

All applicants who want to apply for the 2022/23 Internship programme are advised to to submit their applications online. Also, they will need to prepare the following:

• They must possess ID/Certificate of Enrolment/Diploma.
• They must be able to get the necessary visas.
• They must be able to finance themselves to the location of the Internship programme.
• They must be able to demonstrate an evidence of a comprehensive health insurance valid in the country where Internship programme will be had. UNESCO will offer limited insurance coverage that’s worth USD 30,000
• They must be able to present a medical certificate.

Application link: 


Applicants shortlisted for this Internship programme will benefit lots of things in addition to the primary benefits. This is a great opportunity for any person who aspire to be great.