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University of Trento Scholarship In 2023-24

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University of Trento Scholarship In 2023-24

You can apply for the University of Trento Scholarship if you are a non-EU student studying abroad. The scholarship programme is being established to honour mostly exceptional candidates who aspire to pursue a Master’s degree in Innovation Management at the esteemed University of Trento in 2023–2024.


The University of Trenton chooses the top candidates for the Masters scholarship programme each year and presents them with a prize worth 7.200 euros. Additionally, UT pays the applicants’ tuition costs. The University of Trenton also fosters a learning atmosphere besides these prizes.



The University of Trenton Scholarship’s exciting feature is that after a year, the recipients can renew it. However, to renew it, students must earn the required credits or grade points from the university. There is no other method to renew it besides this.


Overview of University of Trento scholarships


The scholarship programme is sponsored by and held at Trento University.


Italy serves as the host nation for the University of Trento Scholarship.


The scholarship from the University of Trento is worth 7.200 euros.


Trento University provides a wide range of scholarships.


The Masters degree programme is the University of Trento Scholarship programme.


Only non-EU students studying abroad are eligible for the University of Trento Scholarship.


Application for the University of Trento Scholarship is currently open.


Benefits of the University of Trento Scholarship 


For students who are chosen for the University of Trento Scholarship, there may be additional advantages or privileges. However, the most well-known perks and bonuses are the tuition cost waivers for each chosen student and the 7.200 €.


Requirements for University of Trento Scholarships


Only international students who are not EU citizens may apply.


Students at the University of Trento seeking a master’s degree are eligible, while undergraduate students are not.


For the academic year 2023–2024, candidates must be enrolled full-time in degree programmes at the University of Trento.


To be considered for the award, applicants must receive a minimum application score of 70 points.


Application Processes


You can access the application guidelines by clicking the link below, which you must carefully follow. How you submit your application greatly influences whether or not you will be shortlisted for the scholarship award. Take your time and submit all the necessary paperwork as a result. Check the University Website for further guide.



The scholarship evaluation committee at the University of Trenton evaluates applicants’ applications. Candidates must have at least 70 points to be considered.


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