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7 Steps to Apply for Postgraduate Scholarships in Canada in 2023

You are one of the many students applying for postgraduate scholarships in Canada. Canada is a good choice for doctoral studies considering its number of highly-ranked research universities. However, applying for postgraduate scholarships in Canada can be challenging for applicants who need to learn the proper process or steps. In this blog post, we take you through the seven steps to apply for postgraduate scholarships in Canada and tips for getting Canada Visa. Let’s go!

Step 1: Search for Postgraduate Scholarships

There are numerous merit and need-based postgraduate scholarships for domestic and international students in Canada, sponsored by the government of Canada, non-profit organizations, alums, private organizations, and universities. How do you search for these scholarships? Visit the universities’ websites in Canada or scholarship databases such as Yconic and Scholarship Canada.

Step 2: Check the Eligibility Requirements

When you find postgraduate scholarships, read through their eligibility requirements; this is important because they are different. However, their criteria usually include age, academic history, research history, need, community involvement, and English proficiency proof. Ensure you meet the requirements of the scholarships you want to apply for.

Step 3: Possess the Required Documents

Every postgraduate scholarship in Canada requires applicants to possess academic certificates, transcripts, research proposals, English proof, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. Make sure that you have all the required documents for your scholarships before you proceed to submit your application. These are the documents the scholarship selection committee will examine before recommending you for the scholarships.

Step 4: Prepare an Outstanding Application Package

A lot of students apply for the postgraduate scholarships. Therefore, make sure your application is outstanding. How do you make it distinctive? Add your leadership skills, academic and research credentials, and zeal for your field. Let your application be attractive and your personal statement compelling. You should carefully read your application and correct found errors.

Step 5: Submit Your Application Online

Most of the postgraduate scholarships in Canada applications are online. Applicants fill out application forms and submit them online. They also upload their documents, grant interviews and attend essay questions online. Ensure you submit your details online before the application deadline.

Step 6: Attend Interviews (If necessary)

It’s not all the postgraduate scholarships in Canada that require an interview. But for ones that demand an interview, you have to dress appropriately and be composed when you want to attend it. Their questions are always direct; therefore, your answers should be straightforward. But before you attend the interview, search for the questions they ask applicants. Knowing the questions will help you give correct answers.

Step 7: Wait for Scholarship Mail

After submitting your application and answering essay or interview questions, the next thing is for you to check your mail from time to time for the scholarship mail. After a few months, the selection committee will send you a mail. It could be a mail to congratulate you on your selection or to cheer you up to try again. While waiting for the mail, you can still apply for other scholarship programs.

Congratulatory Message

Like a worker waiting for pay, that is how most applicants of postgraduate scholarships wait to be congratulated by the selection committee via their mail. As short as the congratulatory message may be, it gives the recipients endless joy and opens doors of opportunities and a brighter future. We hope you will be among the applicants that will be congratulated.

Tips for getting Canada Study Visa in 2023

After following the above steps and securing a scholarship or scholarship, you will receive a Canada Study Visa. It’s a document that every international needs to study in Canada. And without it, they can’t be permitted. How do you get the visa? Get an acceptance letter from the university you want to study in Canada, have a valid passport, evidence of financial aid, and no criminal record. You should apply for the visa as soon as you receive your acceptance letter because it takes months before it comes out.


The seven steps above are the best steps to applying for postgraduate scholarships in Canada. And if you can carefully use these steps, your chances of winning the scholarships will increase. These are the processes many people who won the scholarships apply. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the seven steps while applying for the scholarship programs.




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