Fully funded 2024 Sharda University Scholarship in India

International students interested and qualified to study at India’s leading institutions in 2024 are invited to apply for the Sharda University Scholarship.

The esteemed scholarship initiative is designed to assist international students who have shown academic excellence and require financial assistance to pursue their desired degree.

The prestigious university will pay 100% of the successful applicants’ educational expenses under the fully financed Sharda University Scholarship.

However, the scholarship system draws bright students from all across the world and is very competitive. Sharda University plans to award the prize to just 50 international students.

Applications for this program are open to interested international students with degrees in Business Studies, Engineering and Technology, Basic Sciences, Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and other fields.

In the following paragraph, we shall outline Sharda University’s plans for giving scholarships to deserving international students to benefit our readers.

List of Scholarship Recipients

• Ten overseas students who succeed will receive full tuition scholarships.

• Twenty overseas students who are accepted will get 50% tuition scholarships.

• A 20% tuition grant will be given to 20 accepted international students.

About Sharda University Scholarship

Located in Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Sharda University was established in 2009. It provides a range of degree options. Thirteen thousand students, both domestic and foreign, are enrolled in Sharda.

Summary of Scholarships at Sharda University

• India is the host country of the scholarship programme.

• Sharda University is the scholarship host institution.

• Scholarship level: Undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programmes

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Deadline for scholarships: Open NOW

Criteria for Eligibility for Sharda University Scholarships 

• Students from abroad are welcome to apply.

• International students seeking bachelor’s degrees must have earned at least an 80% grade point average in Grade 12.

• Candidates for master’s programmes must have completed a suitable bachelor’s degree programme with a cumulative GPA of at least 75%.

• A Master’s degree in a relevant subject of study is required of PhD applicants.

• Applicants must be proficient in English as required by Sharda.

Benefits of Sharda University Scholarship 

• Sharda University provides worthy overseas students with full and partial scholarships.

Approved Programmes for Sharda University Scholarship 

• Architecture

• Agriculture

• Allied Health Science

• B.Tech

• Certification in English Proficiency

• English


• B.Sc (Basic Science)

• B.Com


• Bachelor of Education

• BBA+MBA (Integrated)

• Bachelor of Design

• Integated B.Tech+MBA

• Integated B.Tech+M.Tech

• Journalism & Mass Communication



• M. Tech



• M.Sc (Basic Science)

• Nursing

• Pharmacy

How to Apply for a Scholarship at Sharda University

Using the URL below, candidates who satisfy the requirements should submit their applications for the scholarship.

Application Link:


The scholarship programme at Sharda University is fully funded. It pays the selected international students’ entire tuition.

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