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Best Jobs in Montreal Canada 2023

Jobs in Montreal: Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, is also one of Canada’s most important economic hubs.

Montreal, the financial capital of Canada and one of its biggest cities, has a lot of job opportunities.

People often think of it as North America’s “European-style” big city, but the low cost of living and a strong sense of community has always made it a good place for Canadians to start their careers.

In the past few years, the cost of living in Montreal has been going up. Even though they are not as high as in Toronto or Vancouver, housing prices have risen sharply in 2018 and 2019.

Still, Expatistan, a site that compares prices, says that the cost of living is 35% less than in Toronto. The cost of transportation is 27 percent less, and the overall cost of living in Montreal was found to be 22 percent less.

Montreal’s economy is expected to increase by 3 percent or more for the third year in a row, according to data given by the Conference Board of Canada at year’s end.

This puts it at the top of the list of Canadian Metropolitan Economies in terms of GDP growth.

Even though Quebec residents pay the most taxes in the country, young families can still afford to live there because of government programs like daycare subsidies that keep costs between $8.05 and $21.95 per day.

Check out the top 10 jobs in Montreal in 2022, together with the average yearly pay in Canadian dollars.

list of jobs in Montreal

Computer Network Technician – C$43,185

The need for skilled computer network technicians is ever-present, and it’s easy to see why: in the past two years, millions of workers have shifted to flexible or remote work arrangements.

Technicians in the field of computer networking ensure that the rising number of virtual workspaces continues to run as seamlessly as possible for businesses of all stripes.

Technicians in this field are responsible for the planning, implementation, and upkeep of the hardware and software components of complex data networks.

Many sectors would have fared significantly worse during the pandemic without their particular expertise and experience.

Qualified computer technicians can find work in a wide range of industries, as employers seek to accommodate rising employee demand for flexible scheduling alternatives.

Click here to check computer technician jobs in Montreal

Programmer – C$70,025

As the digital world continues to advance at a breakneck pace, programmers find themselves in the front. Millions of people rely on the work of programmers to create, maintain, and fix the software and apps they use daily.

They’re the ones that build the instruments that keep the rest of the IT industry moving.

It calls for formal education and experience in a particular programming language, as well as certification in software packages highly sought by leading technology firms.

Developers who have fulfilled these conditions can compete for positions at both established businesses and cutting-edge startups.

  Check out programming jobs in Montreal.

Software Engineer – C$71,315

Montreal’s last top-10 job in 2022. There are many software engineers in the city’s flourishing tech sector, and they focus on the users’ experiences when designing new software.

They make sure that as many people as possible can utilize digital products by designing and developing them with a focus on user experience and interface. In addition to developing new software, software engineers often work on improving and fixing current applications.

Most software engineers have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science; some may additionally hold certifications in other areas of computing or specialized software.

Software engineering jobs can be competitive financially and offer job security to those who are skilled.

Explore software engineer jobs in Montreal.

Construction Worker – C$52,660

Montreal’s status as one of the country’s fastest-growing metropolises, the construction industry is among the city’s top 10 industries by demand.

Recently, the provincial government declared its intention to invest $120 million in infrastructure projects, a portion of which will be used to hire an additional 11,000.

Expert laborers and skillful artisans, and construction workers build and erect anything from homes to offices to factories.

Construction workers alter the visual landscape of a city by erecting everything from single-family houses to massive commercial complexes and manufacturing plants.

Training in varied skills and the safe operation of tools and heavy equipment is typically gained through an apprenticeship in the field. Montreal is still a good place to find work for competent construction workers.

Those interested in construction jobs in Montreal should start their search here.

jobs in montreal

Civil Engineer  – C$65,331

In the construction industry, civil engineers play a crucial role in the design, planning, and management of large-scale projects.

They mostly serve public sector organizations like cities and states, though commercial construction firms may also hire them.

They must be capable of extensive thought while never losing sight of the impact their choices will have on the end users of these structures.

Professionals in this field need specific education and training, but in exchange for a less physically demanding work environment, they can expect higher salaries and better job security than in construction.

Search for civil engineer jobs in Montreal.

Electrician/Electrical Engineer – C$67,864

Electricians light Montreal. Designers, installers, and repairers of electrical infrastructure are known as “electricians” or “electrical engineers.”

Depending on the complexity, these tasks can range from something as simple as installing new lights in a home to something as complex as planning an electrical system to support numerous major industrial factories.

In 2022, Montreal’s most in-demand position is electrician, due to the building industry’s labor deficit.

Professional electricians and electrical engineers in Montreal can find work in both the public sector (with municipal clients) and the private sector (with privately held contracting and construction companies) if they have the necessary training, apprenticeship, and certification.

Try to find work as an electrician or electrical engineer jobs on Mon.

Registered Nurse – C$60,000

Montreal, Quebec’s health care system, along with the rest of Canada’s, has been under tremendous stress for the previous two years.

As the pandemic continues to affect the provincial healthcare system, registered nurses may remain one of the top jobs in Montreal in 2022.

With over 4,000 nursing posts open across the province, including some in the city of Montreal, Quebec is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled nurses.

There are three distinct sorts of nurses: Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), and Nurse Practitioners (NP).

There is a wide variety of settings where nurses are needed, from emergency rooms and private practices to long-term care homes. Education requirements vary by nurse function and Quebec Order of Nurses membership.

Those interested in construction jobs in Montreal should start their search here.

Early Childhood Educator – C$43,266

Those who work with children as young as infants and toddlers perform a vital service by caring for and guiding these developing minds while their parents are out in the workforce, earning money to support their families.

Over 2,700 daycare professionals and early childhood instructors are wanted by the provincial government of Quebec for openings in cities like Montreal.

If you have the qualifications, the training, and the temperament to deal with kids, you may find these positions incredibly satisfying.

Try to find jobs in Montreal that are hiring early childhood educators.

Teacher – C$58,518

Compensation for teachers in Canada: C$58,518

Teachers are trained professionals who lead lessons in primary and secondary schools. Teachers can choose to focus on a particular area or subject or to provide a well-rounded education in all areas, by the provincial curriculum.

Professional certification as a teacher calls for extensive training and study beyond high school, including time spent in a university setting.

Quebec is experiencing a severe shortage of qualified educators at all levels of education, prompting the provincial government to advertise for more than 5,000 new primary and secondary school teachers.

Many of these teaching posts will be available in the Greater Montreal Region, as Montreal is the province’s most populous city.

jobs in montreal

Jobillico is a great resource for finding teaching jobs in Montreal.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic – $50,000 Canadian

Each year, 128 million tons of commodities are shipped from Montreal to other cities in Canada and North America.

Transporting these commodities requires specific maintenance and repairs.

Heavy vehicle mechanics have training in a variety of vehicle types and are prepared to do the scheduled maintenance and unexpected fixes necessary to keep the transportation sector operating smoothly.

There is a strong demand for skilled mechanics, and many organizations, both public and private, are actively hiring.

Montreal is a bustling city full of chances for skilled mechanics, whether they choose to work for the government or open their shops.

Check out Jobillico for heavy-vehicle mechanic jobs in Montreal.

Top paying jobs in Montreal

Civil Engineering Project Manager/Chef de projet: Possible Earnings: $100,000

The Conference Board of Canada says that Public Infrastructure is booming in Montreal. Because of the buildup, there is a need for more professionals who can work on projects. Experts who can organize and carry out these operations.

Technical Lead, Quality Assurance (QA) Embedded System: Earning Prospects: $75,000

In the last few years, the technology sector in Montreal has grown quickly. The city’s reputation for its high quality of life and its prominence in the field of machine learning has made it an attractive destination for highly trained professionals.

Potential Pay for a Software Architect: More than $105,000

Montreal was the next natural site to establish the tech sector after Ottawa and Toronto. Close enough, but each has its own culture and taste.

Inside Sales Senior Director (Bilingual) – Principal Inside Sales Director (Bilingual Position) – Potential Salary: $108,000 to $152,000

As the tech industry keeps growing, the value of inside sales jobs has been going up. Of course, this is a job that will be mostly filled by bilingual people in Montreal, since many of the opportunities will be in nearby cities like Quebec City.

Big Data Engineers could make between $90,000 and $140,000 a year.

People who can work with Big Data are still in demand wherever tech is used. These skilled operators can come up with ways to collect information and figure out how to use the huge amounts of useful data that are gathered from millions of everyday online interactions.

Impact Officer, Climate Action, Independent Government Agency: Possible Pay Range: $87,300–$131,000

Independent institutions tasked with monitoring and assisting will continue to present promising openings as the government strives to strike a balance between economic growth and climate change action.

Since Montreal is almost as much of a government town as Ottawa, it is a great place to look for these high-paying jobs.

Technology Business Development Associate for Cloud and Infrastructure – Potential income: $95,000 to $105,000

You can bet that consulting and financial services firms will multiply as soon as a new technology industry becomes established.

This role in the banking sector is responsible for cultivating long-term business possibilities with providers of Cloud and Digital Infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Specialist (Executive Director) – Technology Business Management Potential income: $150,000 to $185,000

This role is still on the financial services provider’s side, but it focuses on expanding that company’s technological capabilities.

In this role, you will lead a team of Data Scientists, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) experts, build a portfolio and put in place the right technology.

Senior Director of Athletics: Potential Pay Range: $95,000–$128,000.

It’s no secret that the universities in Montreal have produced some of the best sports teams in the country. While the highest-paying position is always going to be at the head of the program, there are other well-paying positions available throughout the school’s athletics programs at various levels.

Account Executive, Tech Company: Possible Pay: $80,000 to $100,000

In the tech industry, an Account Exec position is a good way for a salesperson who doesn’t have much experience to make a lot of money.

It is not uncommon for Montreal companies hiring for the position of account executive to require only a year or two of experience and a desire to learn.

Top In-demand jobs in Montreal


Advanis Inc. is the company.

Pay is $12.55 an hour for 20 to 30 hours a week.

Why you should check it out: This is a “casual profession” that you can do from home.

Census worker

Statistics Canada is the company.

Pay: $17.83 an hour for 20–40 hours a week

Why you should look at it: This job has a flexible schedule and is a key part of everyday life in Canada.

Bicycle Mechanic

CycloChrome is the organization.

$15 to $19 an hour, 40 hours a week.

Why should you look at it: It’s common knowledge that Montreal is a city built for cyclists; why not do your part to keep its residents active?

Bakery laborer

Cheskie’s Bakery is the company.

Pay is $15 an hour for 40 hours a week.

Why you should check it out: The smell is enough to make anyone want to join.

Kitchen Helper

Tim Hortons is a company.

Pay is $13.10 an hour for 40–45 hours a week.

Why you should check it out: You’ll be able to work with Canada’s best coffee shop and sneak a few donuts.

Construction Laborer

Company: Habitat 67

$20 an hour for 40 hours a week.

Why you should look at it: This is one of the most well-known buildings in Montreal, and it is waiting for someone to start right away.


Is Montreal a good place to live

What’s it like to live in Montreal, Canada? Although the language barrier makes it tough for individuals who don’t speak French to create a permanent home here, the rich cultural diversity gives exciting opportunities to meet people from all over the world and take part in exciting activities.

therefore, if you have a career path in mind, appreciate music, and know French, Montreal is the place for you. Important local professions include business administration, manufacturing, and retail trade.

Due to its high concentration of universities and schools, it is also a major destination for students from all over the world.

Prices for both rent and housing are significantly lower than in most large cities, even though real yearly family income is slightly lower than the national average.

Nonetheless, the city’s winters are colder than the national average in Canada, which is the city’s biggest drawback.

If you’re going to this lovely town overseas, use a competent moving company. You can get help with things like packing and transporting your vehicle across the globe from a firm that specializes in international relocations.

In addition, don’t procrastinate if you want advice on how to pack for an international relocation or how to transport houseplants over long distances; schedule an appointment with them right away. While they take care of the details, you can focus on settling into your new home.

Can an English speaker live in Montreal?

If you only speak English or French, you can still have a fantastic time here. Someone will still be willing to help you.

But you’ll still need to be fluent in all of the official languages to call this place home. Without this, it’s going to be quite tough to look for jobs that pay well.

However, separation from city life is another effect. Political situations can also contribute to linguistic difficulties, though these have subsided in recent years.

The good news is that if you make an honest effort to speak French, locals will appreciate it and treat you like a local, even if you are a native English speaker.

There will always be someone willing to teach you. There are also French immersion programs and children’s camps available for families who are relocating with children and who wish to help their children overcome the language barrier.

When it comes to moving your family abroad, this is one of the finest options if you speak the language.

What is a good salary in Montreal?

The range of salaries is from $26,600 to $470,000 per year. Now, keep in mind that you still have to add taxes to your monthly expenses when figuring out how much money you need to make.

Even though the average annual cost is $28,400, you need a salary of $36,700 to cover those costs and live very comfortably.

Is Montreal Cheap to live in?

Very active community, indeed. It’s affordable to live there, there is a lot of culture and history to explore, beautiful architecture, and welcoming locals.

According to Numbeo, a website that compares the cost of living in different locations throughout the world, the average monthly cost for a single individual is close to $1,000.

Plus, that’s not including housing costs. A one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area will also set you back roughly $1,000 per month. Check out the clip down below to get an idea of old-town costs.

Where is the best place to live in Montreal?

The western part of Montreal Island is primarily anglophone, whereas the eastern part is overwhelmingly francophone.

Some of the Montreal neighborhoods on the list are in the city core, while others are further out, although still within the Greater Montreal Area’s commuter belt.

Montreal’s public transportation system is one of the most extensive in the world, with the city’s metro (subway) system ranking third busiest in all of North America and a vast network of bus lines.

There are a lot of Montreal neighborhoods that are well served by this network. Anyone considering relocating to the Montreal area west of Trudeau International Airport or north or south of the Island of Montreal should be aware that getting into the city without a car may be challenging.

Because of this, more and more people in Montreal’s metropolitan core and suburbs are considering vehicle sharing as a viable option for meeting their transportation needs.


Despite competition from other Canadian cities, Montreal continues to attract many skilled workers.

As a hub for several different industries, the job market in this area is rich with options for skilled workers at every stage of their careers.

Pick a position from the list of the top 10 Jobs in Montreal in 2022 and submit your application right away if you’re ready to take the next step in your professional life.


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