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Amazing Guide On Consulting jobs in Canada in 2023

Are you interested in consulting jobs in Canada? Then read this article. Consulting jobs in Canada are one of the most in-demand jobs you should look for. 

When an outside perspective and business advice are needed, the leadership of a company or organization frequently looks to consultants for business analysis and improvement activities. 

Are you trying to find a career in consulting in Canada? Then relax while we go over all you need about consulting jobs in Canada. 

We will go through the duties of a management consultant, the many types of consultants, and the skills these professionals ought to possess. In addition, we look at consultant employment in Canada. 

The management consultant for a corporation may work internally or externally. A company’s chief financial officer (CFO) and other C-Suite level executives, including the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO), and chief financial officer, directly employ internal management consultants who will be compensated for the service they offer. 

An external management consultant, who works as an independent contractor or for a consulting firm, offers the same service to one or more organizations at once. Consulting jobs in Canada are categorized in Canada as NOC Code 1122. ( Business Management Consulting) 

You might work as a consultant if you have extensive knowledge of a particular sector, such as technology or education. Different groups of people benefit from consultants’ expert advice. You can decide if the job is the ideal one for you by learning more about it.

Consulting jobs in Canada

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Consultant jobs in Canada: What do consultants do?

A consultant is a specialist who has deep expertise in a particular topic. To help clients make informed decisions, they offer their insight or specialized advice. Although consultants can work in virtually any industry, there are certain distinct categories of consultants:

Business consultant: A business consultant helps businesses to increase productivity, profitability, and efficiency 

Accounting consultant: They examine all that has to do with finances, including the financial records of companies, to formulate new budgets and make financial recommendations based on the budget.

Technology consultant: they educate organizations about new technology geared towards improving productivity.

Sales consultant: Sales consultants find ways to increase a company’s sales. They do this by creating new procedures to improve the company’s sales.

Marketing consultant: Marketing consultants boost sales by handling brand awareness and lead generation. They also monitor marketing trends and develop viable solutions that will help the company grow.

Legal consultant: Legal consultants Provide businesses with legal information and counsel. 

Educational consultant: they Assess the needs of the pupils and advise teachers on the most effective educational initiatives 

Engineering consultant: They examine engineering concepts and suggest ways to improve them. 

Security consultant: A security consultant monitors and enhances a facility’s security protocols.

Steps to getting Consulting jobs in Canada

1. Identify your specialty 

The most important step in starting a consulting firm is identifying your niche. Which type of consultant are you aiming to become? Think about your previous interests or career. Customer service enthusiasts can enjoy sales consulting. 

Every industry has consultants, so you have a variety of choices. Make a list of the drives that interest you and look for consultancy positions. Then, you can enroll in courses tailored to your sector.

2. Pursue higher education 

A bachelor’s degree is required for consultants to be specialists. Find majors and minors that match your objectives for consulting. Technology consultants should major or minor in computer programming, software engineering, web development, or artificial intelligence. Your expertise can improve with a master’s degree. 

Most professions don’t require it, yet having one could help you stand out. Professional degrees could be needed for consulting positions. Account designations are required for accounting consultants. Legal experts must hold law degrees. 

The majority of a consultant’s time is spent speaking and presenting. You could therefore enroll in more communication courses. Soft skills are developed through debate teams, public speaking seminars, and relevant lectures.

3. Gain experience 

Industry knowledge is necessary for consultants. Most employers prefer candidates with at least two years of sector experience. Practically experienced consultants are more trustworthy.

4. Get Certifications that relate to consulting

Although many employers do not require certification, it may help you stand out. Fifty nations accept the Certified Management Consultant designation of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. 

Management consultants should obtain this certification to find consulting jobs in Canada because it evaluates their knowledge and skills and demonstrates their suitability as consultants.

Designations offered by The Canadian Association of Management Consultants: 

Entry Stream 

Management consultants with fewer than eight years of experience should use this designation. 

Experienced stream 

For management consultants with more than eight years of experience, there is the Experienced Stream. 

Executive Stream 

Experience in management consulting of 10–15 years is required for this qualification. 

Streams for an MBA and continuing education 

Graduates of various Canadian university programs fall under this group. 

To pursue any of these designations, you must be a member, hold a relevant bachelor’s degree, and have three years of management consulting experience.

Consulting jobs in Canada

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Salary for Consulting jobs in Canada

The average yearly salary for consultants in Canada is $64,209, or $32.93 per hour, according to Most experienced professionals may expect to make up to $96,422 per year, while entry-level jobs start at $41,991 per year.

Consultant salary per region

  • Northwest Territories $103,776
  • Nunavut $101,179
  • Ontario $78,367
  • Saskatchewan $78,122
  • Alberta $76,291
  • Yukon $74,897
  • Nova Scotia $73,975
  • Manitoba $69,912
  • New Brunswick $69,095
  • British Columbia $68,251
  • Quebec $58,167
  • Prince Edward Island $55,000

How to find Consulting jobs in Canada 

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1. Both online and offline 

You can sign up for business gatherings and work with specialized staffing or recruitment firms to promote your resume to prospective employers in addition to Canada’s Job Bank website and other job search portals like LinkedInIndeedMonsterWorkopolisCareerBuilderSimplyHired, and many others. 

2. Obtain the necessary certifications. 

Depending on your job, you might need to obtain a certification to work in your field. A Canadian certification will improve your work opportunities and strengthen your resume.

3. Create a strong resume. 

Your resume is the most important tool in your quest for the right job. Ensure your resume is kept up to date and prepared following Canadian guidelines. Make sure your CV is tailored to the position if you want to work in sales or marketing.

4. Networking 

Networking is essential to find a job in Canada. You can start building your network by using LinkedIn. Check out the top 10 LinkedIn profile optimization tips. Coffee chat can also aid in your familiarisation with Canadian culture and local business practices.

Consulting jobs in Canada: Hiring Process


The interview is typically conducted over the phone, and the interviewer will go over the fundamentals, including the duties, compensation, and experience of the position. 

Knowledge and skill tests: 

You will have two or three talks when your knowledge and expertise in the field are tested to see if you are a suitable fit for the position. These rounds could include behavioral questions, case studies, or scenario-based questions. 

Final phase: 

Before making an offer, the hiring manager will frequently schedule a meeting with you. This conversation frequently centers on soft skills and cultural fit.

Consulting jobs in Canada

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Consulting jobs in Canada: Location of Available jobs 

Consulting jobs in Canada: Conclusion

The Canadian continent is among the most well-known and well-liked nations among international students and professionals. 

Due to its strong economy, multicultural community, safe environment, and several top international firms, Canada is a favorable location for consulting work (MNCs). 

Business management consultants provide management services such as reviewing an organization’s structure, processes, managerial approaches, or functions to conceive, create, and implement improvements. 

They either work for themselves, management consulting firms, the public or private sector, or both.

So if you are willing to find consulting jobs in Canada and work in one of these big companies, this is the right time to prepare. You definitely would get a slot there.

FAQs on Consulting jobs in Canada

Before working as a consultant, do I need to possess any special credentials or authorizations? 

In some occupations, a unique license or certificate is required. For ethical or competitive reasons, you could be required to obtain a professional certification in a particular industry, such as insurance, real estate, financial planning, fundraising, or accountancy. 

Consultants frequently have specialized positions in other professions. In many big and small cities, you’ll also need a business permit from the city if you wish to operate your business from home or an office. 

To operate as a consultant, however, there is typically a lot of potential for specialized qualifications. For instance, jury consultants merely need the appropriate contacts, excellent character, and trial strategy consulting skills to function, as opposed to lawyers who must complete formal training to practice. 

If I want to work as a consultant, do I have to incorporate it? 

You can start a small business and work as a consultant. You can effectively run as a sole proprietor in many places.

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