How to Apply for Chevening Scholarship Program in 2023

The United Kingdom Government is the brain behind the Chevening Scholarship Program for exceptional international students. The aim of the UK government in creating the scholarship is to offer educational support to individuals with excellent academic records and who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. If you would like to be a winner of this scholarship program, this blog post is meant to give you details of how to apply for the Chevening Scholarship Program in 2023 and everything you need to know about it.

1. Summary of the Chevening Scholarship Program

The Chevening Scholarship Program is a concept of the United Kingdom (UK) Government. It was created in 1983 to support outstanding students from around the world who are passionate about making an exemplary difference in their immediate communities and countries. The program gives students from different countries a platform to come together and brainstorm how to make the world a better place to live. The scholarship award is around $100,000 plus other great benefits. Since the program kicked off many decades ago, over 50,000 students have won it and become exceptional agents of change afterwards. The Chevening Scholarship is one of the best uniting the world.

2. Eligibility Requirements for Chevening Scholarship Program

Before you think of applying for the Chevening Scholarship Program, find out if your country is one of the eligible countries. If it is, congratulations! You must possess a Bachelor’s degree and have two years of work experience or more. You must also meet the English language proficiency criteria set by your preferred university, which must be partnering with Chevening. Your age is not a requirement. Regardless of your age, you can apply for the program. You must also meet other conditions before applying for the scholarship. However, the ones we have highlighted here are essential.

3. What Does Chevening Scholarship Program Cover?

Check what it covers if you want to apply for a scholarship program. It would be best if you didn’t win a scholarship that is not worth your standard. Chevening covers essential education expenses such as tuition fees, research grants, arrival allowance, travel costs, monthly stipend, etc. Aside from these perks, it also allows the selected students to meet world-class scholars and professionals willing to help them grow or advance in their careers. They will also be able to participate in different developmental and internship programs.

4. How to Apply for Chevening Scholarship Program?

There is an online application form that applicants are required to fill out. The document contains important details such as the applications’ academic and employment records and their referees’ details. You must carefully fill out the application form by correctly supplying all the information they ask for. There is also a stage where you must present your research proposal and personal statement. You have to make sure that the latter is compelling. Your chosen university may also require some documents. You should present them and submit your application before the deadline.

5. Tips for Chevening Application

When you want to begin your Chevening application, make sure it is compelling enough so that the selection committee will pick interest in you. How do you achieve that? Include in your application how the scholarship program will help you grow both professionally and academically. Also, include your community involvement and leadership potential so that you will know how far you have gone and what you have been able to achieve. Importantly, carefully check your application for errors before you submit it.

6. Tips for Chevening Interview

Applicants with successful applications will be invited for an interview. If you are, use the platform to sell yourself to Chevening by displaying your witty personality, zeal for your chosen field and leadership potential. At the interview, you will offer answers to a series of questions. Therefore, research the possible questions and do some findings about the scholarship program, your chosen field and your university. Your look should also be striking and professional. Be at the venue of the interview on time and be bold.

7. Tips for Chevening Writing Essay

Writing an essay for your Chevening is another vital part of your application. Here, the selection committee is interested in your writing ability and how well you understand your chosen fields. You must craft an outstanding piece and prove your understanding of your field in a simple yet compelling term. Let your arguments be sound and make reference to your experience and life. Lastly, read through your essay and remove found errors before you go ahead with the submission.

8. Application Deadline for Chevening

The application program opens in August and closes in November. Applicants with exceptional applications will be called for an interview in January or February. By April, the final list will be out. You should note the dates so that you won’t miss your interview. Candidates who miss the interview will not be offered the scholarship because that is the only way they can convince the selection committee further that they deserve the scholarship award.


The Chevening Scholarship Program offers students worldwide to acquire their educational goals and prepares them for the difference they desire to make in their communities. Students who follow the tips and guidelines will increase the above chances of being. Chevening opens the door to a brighter rewarding future for its scholars by offering them $100,000 and exposing them to life-changing opportunities.



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